b'PROXIMITY SENSORSOsi Optimum Proximity Sensors OsiSense XS 4mm InductiveFlush-mountable inductive proximity sensors,proximity sensorsdesigned for essential and repetitive applicationsTwice nominal sensing distance 2m cable pre-wired versions (IP68 sealed)Flush mount Fast switching frequency695-6766 M12 x 1, NCXS612B1MBL2512-4426 1.5mm, M8 x 1, NOXS508B1DAL2 444-3322 M12 x 1, NOXS612B1MAL2444-3243 2.5mm M8 x 1, PNPXS608B1PAL2 444-3265 M12 x 1, PNPXS612B1PAL2OsiSense XS 8mm InductiveOsiprox Inductive Proximity Sensorproximity sensorFlat format 2 & 3 wire controlled devicesFlush or non flush mountable versions LED status displayLED status display Operating temperature range: -25+70 COperating temperature range -25 to +70 C444-3293 M18 x 1, PNPXS618B1PAM12 444-3192 PNP Non-Flush MountXS8D1A1PAM12OsiSense XS 4mm InductiveOsiSense XS 15mm Inductive Sensor Sensor Twice nominal sensing distance2 & 3 wire controlled devices Flush mountLED status display Fast switching frequencyOperating temperature range: -25+70 C 2 & 3 wire controlled devices444-3271 4mm, PNPXS612B1PAM12 444-3316 15mm, PNPXS630B1PAM12au.rs-online.com'