b'RS PRO CABLESteel Wire Armoured Cable 3 YEARDiscover theGalvanised steel wire armour for optimum protection against damage and impact WARRANTY Excellent dielectric strength and corrosion resistance at high temperatures due to thermosetting XLPE insulation PVC bedding and sheathing to protect the cable in a wide range of environmentsRS PRO Wiring and Wide operating temperature range providing flexibility Available in a wide range of sizes and cores. Examples shown 5 core. 2 and 3 core versions also available on the RS websiteConnectivity Series. An extensive selection of cables, connectors and accessories for every wiring and connectivity185-4003 1.5mm 50m 185-4004 1.5mm 100m application and environment.2.5mm 100m 185-4005185-4006 4mm 100m 185-4007 6mm 50m 185-4008 6mm 100m 185-4009 10mm 50m 185-4010 10mm 100m 185-4011 16mm 50m 185-4012 16mm 100m SY Control Cable 3 YEAR YY Control Cable 3 YEAR Galvanised steel wire braided flexible controlWARRANTYDesigned to be used as an interconnectingWARRANTYcable designed for measuring, control orcable for measuring, controlling or regulation under tough mechanical stresses regulation in control equipment For installations where free Flexibility permits use for movement is required without tensile stresses linking fixed and mobile equipment Examples shown are 1.0mm. Other CSAs available It is recommended for indoor projects from 0.75mm to 6mm, all supplied on 50min dry or moist conditionsreels (100m reel options coming soon)Supplied on 50m reels. Examples shown, other sizes available on the RS website196-4675 0.75mm 3 core 196-4669 0.75mm 4 core 196-4702 1mm 3 core 196-4657 2 core196-4672 1mm 4 core 196-4692 3 core196-4695 1.5mm 3 core 196-4683 4 core196-4693 1.5mm 5 core 196-4682 5 core196-4665 1.5mm 7 core 196-4685 7 core196-4677 2.5mm 3 core 196-4704 12 core196-4686 2.5mm 4 core 196-4701 25 core196-4691 2.5mm 5 core au.rs-online.comFind out more at rspro.com 31'