b'HARMONY RANGE: BUILT TO LASTHarmony XVU Modular Tower Lights Harmony Wireless and batterylessThe innovative Harmony XVU range of60 mm towerpackagelights and sounders offers multiple lighting patterns, Wireless and batteryless package, containing mounting flexibility,a push-button, set of caps and receiver.modern aesthetics, and Reduction of wiring allows for a quick and easy installationunrivalled brightness.Flexible due to itsIP65 and IP54 protectionmobility, giving ratings for sounders greater control toUltra-bright LED withoperators. Can be 360 visibility used to remotely6 colors with 4 lightcontrol machines patterns: steady, flashing,up to 25 m away.blinking, and rotating739-8060 Plastic, 22 -XB5RFA02739-8064 Metal, 22 -XB4RFA02881-2797 LED Beacon Green, Steady Light Effect -XVUC23 3-Phase Monitoring Relay with NFC881-2791 LED Beacon Red, Steady Light Effect -XVUC24A 3 phase monitoring relay 881-2832 Beacon Tower Terminal Unit - XVUC21B with configuration via FREE 881-2823 Buzzer -XVUC9S Zelio NFC Android App Monitors phase asymmetry, phase Harmony Estop with Illuminatedfailure, undervoltage, overvoltage, over & under frequencyRing2 C/O outputs with adjustable on/ The modular Harmony XB5 range of 22 mm plasticoff delay & voltages thresholdscontrol and signaling units combines simplicity of installation, efficiency, flexibility, modern design and robustness to meet most industrial applications Complete illuminated e.stop ttr 24V 2 white/red179-0019 120-480VacRMNF22TB30fixed colors 1NO+2NCHarmony Complete pendant control stations Pendant control stations for auxiliary circuits Designed for mechanical handling, these highly robust Optimize maintenance cost with pendant control stations comply with Harmony, obviously! the safety requirements of IEC standardsIP65 Double insulated polypropylene casing Screw clamp connectionBuilding high-performance machines and panels hasnever been easier.195-8730 746-8989Find all the push buttons, switches and pilot lights you need. 195-8732 Round HeadXB5AS84W3B41 746-8986 2 push buttons, 1 emergency stop XACA2053Mushroom HeadXALK84W3BG 2 push buttons XACA205195-8735 Legend Plate ZBY8L330 220-5173 4 push buttons, 1 emergency stop XACA4913Explore the solution without compromise onRS Online, today! au.rs-online.com11'