b'Controls Components Control Panel MaintenanceAnother stage in creating a custom control panel is choosingOnce your custom control panel has been designed, the correct components and devices to achieve the controlbuilt, and installed, it is important to perform continued functionality you require. Simple control applications thatmaintenance to ensure safety and reliability. only require the ability to turn something on or off based onSimple maintenance practices that can prolong the life of an input signal can benefit from control components such asyour control panel;relays or timers.More complex applications such as those requiringKeeping pests away from panel wiring and out of the the ability to control a sequence of events may requireenclosure.a programmable logic controller (PLC), which is aRegularly clearing out dust build-up. Be careful not microprocessor specially designed to operate in harshto vacuum near circuit boards without following industrial environments. electrostatic discharge (ESD) rules.If you are controlling a motor, depending on the application,Periodically checking terminal connections to ensure you may need a variable frequency drive (VFD), servo drive,they remain properly tightened.or soft starter in your panel. A VFD is used in situationsAlways keep the enclosure door closed.where you need to control motor speed. Alternatively, servoContacting your systems integrator to perform any drives are used with servo motors and can control multi- necessary software updates.axis movements. Finally, soft starters are used to gradually increase the voltage supplied to a motor during start-up to prevent a high rush of current and torque that can damage the motor and the equipment being driven. RS Components: Helping you build betterWhen you build and install new equipment you need to specify parts, keep to your schedule and manage Operator Interfaces costs. So, its important that you have access to a broad range of products and technical support if you The control panels operator interface can take manyneed it.different forms, including pushbuttons, switches, indicator lights, digital meters, or human-machine interface (HMI)You can get everything you need from one place with display. our wide range of products from leading brands, covering electrical, automation, mechanical and Each of these interfaces can be used on their own or inelectronics, plus 10,000 new lines being added each conjunction with one another, depending on the level ofyear. functionality you need. The advantage of using an HMI in your design is the ability to combine all your pushbuttons,We also have a range of services to optimise your switches, and meters into one digital touch screen display.build process We can help you save time with technical support and help to find products, even those not on our website. Safety and Regulations With clear online pricing and a range of delivery options available, well make sure that you get the Safety is a top concern when designing a control panel.right product at the right time.Implementing a disconnect switch to completely shut off power before performing maintenance or during an emergency is just one way to promote safety. Furthermore,Were here to support you.using the lowest practical voltages, touch-safe components,Contact us today - and following NEC and UL regulations also helps make the control panel safer to use.The main industrial control panel codes and standards include:UL 508AStandard for Industrial Control Panels intended for general use.UL 698AStandard for Industrial Control Panels Relating to Hazardous (Classified) Locations. Article by NFPA 70Standard for safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment. Adrian Green NFPA 79Electrical Standard for Industrial MachineryVIC State Sales Managerto protect operators, equipment, facilities, and work-in- RS Components Australiaprogress from fire and electrical hazards.25'