b'CABLE & CONNECTORS HARTINGT1 Tw1ster Industrial Single Pairix-IndustrialEthernet (SPE)RJ45 performance in 70% less spacereducedRobust two-wire Ethernet communicationreducesPCB real-estate, increased stacking densityweight & cost for industrial applicationsPositive snap-in mating featurerobustUp to 1000m reach with 10Mbit/s data performancemetal construction provides effective and PoDL functionalityreduces system complexity audio confirmation of connection Barrier-free communication from shop floor to Cloud 5-point PCB THR hold-down contactshigh retention computingsimplifies design and implementation force & excellent shock/vibration performance203-9051 Industrial angled jack 203-9053 0.5m cable assembly 203-9054 1m cable assembly178-4192 Type B cable connector with solder termination 203-9055 2m cable assembly178-4193 Type B cable connector with IDC termination 203-9056 3m cable assembly178-4195 Female PCB connector 203-9057 5m cable assembly178-4180 Type A cable connector with solder termination 203-9062 10m cable assembly178-4182 Type A cable connector with IDC termination 203-9063 50m cable assembly178-4184 1m cable assembly Han1A Heavy Duty PowerHan B Rear-MountNEWConnectors Housings & Frames Lightweight IP65 robust plastic housing & inserts Allows pre-assembly of cables/wires30% smaller than full metal system away from cabinet or machineefficientEasy to use locking systemquickmanufacture of wiring loomsand easy click & mate designSnap fit frame into rear fit housingsModular design - power, signal & data options within tool-less assemblythe same housingEstablished IP65/66 protectioncompatible with existing installations Examples shown are rear-fit panel housing with frame. Housings and frames also available separately188-1485 12 contacts, 6.5A male 188-1486 12 contacts, 6.5A female 188-1487 Locking lever 188-1488 Bulkhead mounted housing, straight 188-1489 Bulkhead mounted housing, angled197-6822 Han 6B 188-1491 Strain relief197-6825 Han 10B 188-1492 Fixing plate197-6828 Han 16B 188-1493 Cable adapter197-6832 Han 24B au.rs-online.com33'