b'DLRO2 The smallest thingsBIGdifferencecan make a The DLRO2 packs a huge amount of testing ability into a handheld product. Not only does it include our new Difference Meter which is designed to help you spot changes easily, but it also has inadvertent connection protection up to 600 V and an optimised long lead test mode. Want to see the difference?Suibhead.Difference MeterForMIT410/2 Insulation Tester CALIBRATION Quick Data Comparisons NEWDesigned for electrical andAVAILABLE Use long leads at 1A withoutindustrial testingcompromising test speedSingle range, faster continuity testingSafely test the resistance offrom 0.01 to 1M (New)inductive loads at 1AAdjustable insulation600V active protectiontest voltage from 10V to against inadvertent live1000V and 200G rangeconnections without 600V Trms AC and DC blowing a fuse voltage measurement Industry standard safety CAT IV 600V with rated at CATIII 600V/CATIVPI and DAR300V205-0428 921-4526DCM305e - Earth LeakageCALIBRATIONAVO385 - Digital TRMSCALIBRATION Clampmeter AVAILABLE Multimeter AVAILABLE 0.001mA resolution - TRMS readingCAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V Up to 100A range for standard IP54 environmental protectionAC current measurementsHigh / Low sensitivity live circuitLow pass filter to aiddetectionstability of readings10M / 10k input impedanceAuto, data and peak MIN / MAX / AVG / Smoothinghold - 40mm jaw Analogue bargraph display for trending179-4710 136-7899au.rs-online.com43Rs Comp.indd 1 7/09/2020 12:36'