b'TAPES3M UHMW Film Tape 5423 3M Aluminium Foil Tape 425 Film tape which can help reduce squeaks, rattles Thermally conductive tape helps dissipate heat and other noises that occur with movement i.e.and improves heating and cooling efficiency in automotive and transportation assemblies to protect temperature sensitive materials Translucent, abrasion resistant backing Resistant to chemicals to protect surfaces during de-paint helps protect surfaces from wear process and other chemical masking operations Rubber adhesive provides good initial tack for immediate bonding to material surface PROCELL ALKALINECompletely redesigned forlonger lasting*, consistent performance.Procellprofessionalbatteries are launched to exclusively serve 175-7785 12mmthe professional battery market, 175-7791 19mmas the replacement for Industrial 175-7808 25mmby Duracell, also known as IBD.787-3209 19mm x 0.28mm x 16m144-4029 38mm 787-3202 25mm x 0.28mm x 16m175-7814 50mm 787-3206 50mm x 0.28mm x 16m144-4030 75mm Electrical Insulation Tape For colour coding and insulation of electrical cabling Flame retardant and self-extinguishing - conforms to BSEN 60454 Type 2 Easy tear and unwind, conformable, water, UV and abrasion resistantProcell Alkaline batteries are completely redesigned to deliver consistent, reliable longer lasting* performance in professional devices such as flushometers, automatic taps, thermostats, bluetooth trackers, laser meters and many more.504-2396 AT7 10 reels of 19mm x 33mManufactured using superior cell design* to ensure high-quality 297-9273 AT34 black 19mm x 20m extreme weathercell construction. Each battery comes with a quality warranty.297-9289 AT34 black 25mm x 20m extreme weatherDesign, safety, manufacturing, and qualification follow Procells strin-gent battery standards, which incorporate parts of the ANSI and IEC Aluminium Foil Tape All Weather Polythene Tape battery standards. Operating temperatures from -20C. to 54C. Ideal for sealing metal or Ideal for joining damp proof membranesplastic ducting, sealing cold Extreme temperature resistant (-40C to +90C) RS Stk No. Size Packstore insulation, joining foil faced glass fibre or rockwool 192-4384AA10Flame retardant and self-extinguishing 192-4385AAA10192-4386 C 10192-4387 D 10176-573 AT502 50mm x 0.07mm x 45m176-6037 AT30 black192-4388 9V 10176-567 AT500 50mm x 0.08mm x 45m176-6038 AT30 white 408-9574 AT506 50mm x 0.09mm x 50m176-6039 AT30 translucent192-4390 AA 638Available in AA / AAA / C / D / 9V / CR123au.rs-online.com*vs prior Industrial by Duracell50'