b'A Future Facing PactThe costs associated withTheir contribution to the circular economy procurement can grow as ainvolves three divisions within the company. company grows.Pact Packaging works with companies of all sizes to create recycled packaging solutions. Industries include dairy, FMCG, health A circular economy is a systemic approach toand personal care, and industrial. With 110 economic development designed to benefitoperating sites globally, and a commitment businesses, society, and the environment.to the inclusion of 30% of recycled material It is regenerative and aims to graduallyin their packaging, they lead the field in decouple growth from the consumption of finitesustainability in their category. resources.Pact Reuse has created a solution to single Since 2002, the Pact Group has been ause packaging, and works with major food driver of the circular economy through reuse,producers and supermarkets to help them recycling and packaging solutions. Thereach their sustainability goals. They have Pact Group employs over 6000 people andreplaced 150 million single use boxes with 5 has over 8000 customers. They are an ASXmillion plastic crates. They also recycle many listed company that is the largest provider ofmillions of clothing hangers and manufacture returnable produce crates in Australia andwaste bins for councils. New Zealand. Their annual product output is approximately 11 billion units.It is a futurePact Recycling is at the cutting edge of plastics facing company that is constantly evolving torecycling and partners with governments to find ways to grow business whilst lowering themaximise the reuse of waste. The output of this footprint businesses place on the environment.feeds the other two divisions.We appreciate our partnerships with leading organisations such as PACT Group who share similar values around Innovation and the Environment. Scott Philbrook, Managing DirectorRS Components ANZ 6'