b'Procurement Impact that spending across each site is visible, it eliminates leakage on a sitewide basis which Pact has grown through acquisition. Thismeans that Pact now enjoys standardised presents challenges for the business aspricing and discount levels on SKUs across all each site it acquired had its own legacysites nationally allowing for continuity around suppliers and procurement systems, withpricing.little data around spending patterns. This created inefficiencies across the business andResponses to procurement inquiry are now ultimately cost the company time and money.down to 1 day, and as RS Components These circumstances certainly applied to PactseProcurement system is predictive, it can MRO procurement where they were purchasingensure that stock is available in localised a multitude of products across numerouswarehouses as opposed to being housed in its suppliers. This made standardisation and siteUK headquarters. This means that Pact enjoys level compliance problematic, and economiesfaster access to stock with delivery times cut of scale difficult to achieve, as managingfrom an average of 7 days down to 1. All this pricing across a vast number of SKUs washas led to significant savings for Pact, with challenging and pre-negotiated pricingfurther benefits as the system is further refined.benefits were non-evident.The Pact Group and RS Components By onboarding RS Components, Pact hashave formed a partnership that will moved away from manual procurementstreamline Pacts MRO procurement, processes with its associated inefficienciesdelivering efficiencies around to a centralised automated replacement. RSpurchasing, fulfillment, and sales Components eProcurement system allows foranalysis. This will further Pacts detailed analysis around MRO spending, whichobjective of driving the circular creates value for Pact. This approach meanseconomy.7'