b'WERMAEvoSIGNAL Mini Midi Maxi BeaconsIndustrial beacons with attractive features:Finding the right signal device is as easy as never beforeThree sizes can ideally cover almost any application segmentsTwinLIGHT and TwinFLASH merge two lighting functions in one elementTricolour and multicolour options combine several colours into one housingBest-in-class equipment: powerful, extremely durable (IP66), tamper-proofEvoSIGNAL is the new modular, simple and clear standard solution for the signalling sectorin other words, typically WERMA.Comprehensive range of EvoSIGNAL variants available online, examples shown as AC/DC supply with 115-230Vac supply options available from stock.197-4169 Mini TwinLIGHT, Red, 24V 197-4213 Midi TriColour, Red/Yel/Grn, 12/24V197-4179 Mini TwinLIGHT, Yellow, 24V 197-4208 Midi TwinFLASH, Yellow, 12/24V197-4175 Mini TwinLIGHT, Green, 24V 197-4201 Midi TwinFLASH, Red, 12/24V197-4190 Mini TwinLIGHT, Blue, 24V 197-4223 Maxi TwinLIGHT, Red, 12/24VAC197-4186 Mini TwinLIGHT, Clear, 24V 197-4232 Maxi TwinLIGHT, Yellow, 12/24VAC197-4187 Mini TriColour Red/Yel/Grn 24V 197-4230 Maxi TwinLIGHT, Green, 12/24VAC197-4172 Mini TwinFLASH, Red, 24V 197-4241 Maxi TwinLIGHT, Blue, 12/24VAC197-4183 Mini TwinFLASH, Yellow, 24V 197-4239 Maxi TwinLIGHT, Clear, 12/24VAC197-4199 Midi TwinLIGHT, Red, 12/24V 197-4235 Maxi TwinFLASH, Yellow, 12/24V197-4206 Midi TwinLIGHT, Yellow, 12/24V 197-4225 Maxi TwinFLASH, Red, 12/24V197-4203 Midi TwinLIGHT, Green, 12/24V 197-4237 Maxi Rotating, Yellow, 12/24V197-4215 Midi TwinLIGHT, Blue, 12/24V 197-4228 Maxi Rotating, Red, 12/24V197-4210 Midi TwinLIGHT, Clear, 12/24V21'