b'LIMIT SWITCHESXCKJ Snap Action Lever Limit Switch XCKM Roller Plunger Limit switch Rated 240V 3A at AC15 10A Ith1 N/O (aux) and 1 N/C (safety) contacts Snap action NC contacts with positive opening operationRating: 240 Vac, 3A Comes with a pre-Protected to IP65tapped " NPT cable gland entry700-4309 NO/NC, 240VXCKJ10541H29 235-981 NO/NC, 240VXCKM102H29XCKP Snap Action Limit Switches XCKS Snap Action Limit Switches Visible operationRated 240V 3A at AC15 10A Ith Precise operating pointsSnap action NC contacts withDouble insulation positive opening operation -25 to +70C operating temperature447-3418 Metal end plungerXCKP2110P16447-3395 Roller leverXCKP2118P16 243-780 Roller plunger actuatorXCKS102H29447-3430 Horizontal plungerXCKP2121P16 236-029 Roller lever actuatorXCKS131H29ZCKM Snap Action Limit Switch Contact Block 1 N/O (aux) and 1 N/C (safety) contactsContact Blocks for XCKJ/XCKM/ Rating: 240 Vac, 3A XCKS Limit Switch Ranges Protected to IP65360-8562 NO/NC, 240VZCKM1H29 360-8685 NO/NC, 240VXE2SP2151au.rs-online.com'