b'POWER & CONNECTIONTRIO DIN PowerDIN Mount Patch PanelsSuppliesDIN rail mounting RJ-45 patch panels suitableCompact, high reliability DINfor 10/100/1000 Mbps data usage, available rail power supplies for industrialwith and without surge protectioncontrol & automation useSuitable for useOptions available with 12Vdc,with Profinet & 24Vdc & 48Vdc outputs and 1 &Modbus TCP 3-phase inputs from 60W-960W automationAdjustable DC output andnetworks as well LED status indication as Ethernet883-7374 24Vdc, 3A, 85264Vac 1ph input2903147883-7352 24Vdc, 5A, 85264Vac 1ph input2903148883-7364 24Vdc, 20A, 85264Vac 1ph input 2903151 175-6031 2 x RJ-452703015175-6032 1 x RJ-45 to screw terminals2703016Uninterruptible Power Supplies 175-6033 1 x RJ-45 to push terminals2703018 Basic UPS modules with either a self contained175-6034 1 x RJ-45 to IDC terminals2703019backup battery or supported by remotely175-6035 2 x RJ-45, surge protected2703020connected lead AGM batteries 175-6036 1 x RJ-45 to screw terminals, surge protected2703021 Simple to use, no175-6037 1 x RJ-45 to push terminals, surge protected2703022configuration and can quickly add supply resilience toPT Series DIN Rail Terminalsa control systemCompact terminals providing easy, direct conductor connection with up to 50% lower insertion forces than a PT push-in connection Suitable for use with solid and stranded conductors with ferrules of 0.34mm and upwards1682508 24Vdc 60W Self-contained UPS2905907Priced and supplied in packs665-7854 24Vdc 2A UPS unit2866640665-7851 12Vdc 4A UPS unit2866598PTFIX Distribution Blocks Distribution blocks using time-saving, tool-free750-8472 PT 1.5/S (pack of 5)3208100push-in direct connection technology 201-6105 PT 1.5/S BU (pack of 50)3208126 Compact design enables space savings of750-8501 PT 1.5/S-PE (pack of 5)3208139up to 50% as well as simpler wiring 750-8453 D-PT 1.5/S (pack of 5)3208142 Available with 6, 12, and687-9414 PT 2.5 (pack of 10)320951018 terminal points, with687-9417 PT 2.5 BU (pack of 10)3209523various mounting options,687-9411 PT 2.5-PE (pack of 10)3209536and eleven colours for clear, intuitive, and safe installation388-4637 D-ST 2.5 (pack of 5)3030417- DIN rail options listed 708-1633 PT 4 (pack of 5)3211757708-1637 (pack of 5)3211760136-3231 6X2,5-NS35 Grey2703015 708-1646 PT 4-PE (pack of 5)3211766136-3232 12X2,5-NS35 Grey2703016 458-0897 D-ST 4 (pack of 5)3030420136-3233 18X2,5-NS35 Grey2703018 708-1683 PT 4-HESI (5X20) (pack of 5)3211861136-3240 6/6X2,5-NS35 Grey3273066 627-3383 CLIPFIX 35-5(pack of 5)3022276136-3241 6/12X2,5-NS35 Grey3273088 687-9528 PT 2,5-MT (pack of 10)3210156136-3242 6/18X2,5-NS35 Grey3273110 687-9638 PTTB 2,5 (pack of 10)3210567au.rs-online.com17'