b"3 Series MDO Mixed DomainTBS2000B Series OscilloscopesOscilloscopes9-in WVGA colour display with 15 horizontal11.6-in capacitive touchscreen, optional 16gridsshows 50% more signaldigital channels for mixed signal analysisUp to 200MHz bandwidth, 5M point record length,Built-in spectrum analyser 2GS sample rate for faster debug and validation Wide range of serial bus decoding and triggering optionsHelpEverywhere function provides helpfulWith 3 FREE options - ships with serial decode, MSOonscreen tips for students and new usersand arbitrary function generator software optionsIntroductory offer, up to 15% off manufacturer's list price while stocks last200-6294 TBS2072B 2 channel, 70MHz 200-6295 TBS2074B 4 channel, 70MHz 200-6297 TBS2102B 2 channel, 100MHz 200-6298 TBS2102B 4 channel, 100MHz 200-6299 TBS2202B 2 channel, 200MHz 187-5454 MDO34 4 channel, 100MHz200-6300 TBS2204B 4 channel, 200MHz 187-5455 MDO34 4 channel, 200MHz 187-5456 MDO34 4 channel, 350MHzAFG31000 Series Arbitrary 187-5457 MDO34 4 channel, 500MHzFunction Generators187-5458 MDO34 4 channel, 1GHz A high-performance AFG with built-in arbitrary waveform 187-5450 MDO32 2 channel, 200MHzgeneration and real-time waveform monitoring187-5451 MDO32 2 channel, 350MHz 9-in capacitive touchscreen with shortcuts to frequently 187-5452 MDO32 2 channel, 500MHzused settings187-5453 MDO32 2 channel, 1GHz InstaView technologysee the waveform at the DUT without the need for an oscilloscope or probeKeithley DMM6500 Digital Multimeter 6-digit touchscreen bench/system DMM with built-in features for education and electronics labsMore measurement capabilityincluding transient capture, data visualisation and analysis 5-in (12.7cm) multi-touch capacitive touchscreen with graphical display, adjustable cursors and pinch-and-zoom simplicity for easy waveform visualisation and analysis179-3504 AFG31021 25MHz, 1 channel 179-3505 AFG31022 25MHz, 2 channel 179-3506 AFG31051 50MHz, 1 channel 179-3507 AFG31052 50MHz, 2 channel 179-3508 AFG31101 100MHz, 1 channel 179-3509 AFG31102 100MHz, 2 channel 179-8132 AFG31151 150MHz, 1 channel 179-8131 AFG31152 150MHz, 2 channel 179-8130 AFG31251 250MHz, 1 channel 173-9960300kHz 179-8129 AFG31252 250MHz, 2 channel au.rs-online.com40"