b'AUTOMATION SOLUTIONSSIRIUS Touch Screen HMI Displays SIRIUS ACT Emergency Stop ControlIntegrated system diagnostics Stations Can be configured using WINCC comfortEnclosure for command devices, 22 mm round Resolution is 800 x 480 pixell864-3970 TP700 Comfort 7"-6AV2124-0GC01-0AX0864-3961 KTP700 Basic-6AV2123-2GB03-0AX0LOGO!POWER Switch Mode DIN874-2305 3SU1801-0NA00-2AC2Rail Power Supplies 874-2314 3SU1801-0NB00-2AC2 High precision photoelectric sensors874-2301 3SU1801-0NA00-2AA2ideal for smaller object detection Adjustable sensitivity control SIRIUS 3RW40 Compact DirectReversible switching (PNP NO / NC) Starters 1030 VDC Ideal for detection of non-metallic or insulated materialssupply voltage Pre-wired connection - 2m cable 10-30Vdc supply with LED output indication420-479 3RW4047-1BB14420-508 3RW4027-1BB14136-5297 2.5A6EP3332-6SB00-0AY0 746-4943 3RW4027-1BB04136-5298 4A 6EP3333-6SB00-0AY0 746-4925 3RW3038-1BB04SIRIUS Innovation Contactor Overload Relays Delivers reliable detection of all kinds of transparent objects such as PET bottles, glass bottles or transparent trays Choice of Smart Teach enabling fast set up or trimmer sensitivity adjustment746-0737 2NO/2NC, 10 A Contact Rating 3RH2122-1BB40746-0768 4NO, 10 A Contact Rating 3RH2140-1BB40746-0733 2NO/2NC, 10 A Contact Rating 3RH2122-1AP00746-0743 3NO/1NC, 10 A Contact Rating 3RH2131-1BB40746-0759 4NO, 10 A Contact Rating 3RH2140-1AP00au.rs-online.com20'