b'ALPHAWIREMetric EcoWire EcoWire Plus NEW Metric EcoWiresaves space in your critical EcoWire Plus offers all of the environmental applications where space is at a premium benefits of standard EcoWire such as beingZero-halogen, no phthalates or heavy metals smaller and lighter than PVC alternatives, plus600V cable that is 45%additional fluid and chemical resistancesmaller and 40% lighterUp to 45% smaller and 40% lighter than XLPE Examples shown. Full range available on the RS websiteRated from -40C to +110C at 300 V Meets ISO 6772 for oil and hazardous fluid resistance Supplied on 30m reels. Examples shown. Full range available on the RS website201-2704 67025 BK033 0.25mm black 100m 749-5288 6820 BK005 0.08mm black 201-2731 67025 RD033 0.25mm red 100m 749-5301 6820 RD005 0.08mm red 201-2740 67050 BK321 0.5mm black 50m 749-5310 6820 WH005 0.08mm white 201-2761 67075 BK321 0.75mm black 50m 749-5317 6821 BK005 0.13mm black 201-2663 67010 BK321 1mm black 50m 749-5373 6823 BK005 0.33mm black 201-2689 67010 RD321 1mm red 50m 749-5395 6823 RD005 0.33mm red Micro Coax EcoCable Mini Alphas micro coaxial cable is a great space-saving EcoCable Mini is the next generation of 300V solution that makes routing easier in applicationscables. By combining better performance and such as medical probes, endoscopy systems,minimum environmental impact, EcoCable Mini oximetry systems, industrial inspection, and more uses its mPPE insulation and jacketing to provideExceedingly small and lightweight with strandedall of the advantages in a smaller, lighter cableconductors for increased flexibilityUp to 32% smaller, 44% lighter and 92%90% shield coverage for excellent EMIlower outgassing than standard PVCprotection and electrical characteristicsContains no halogens, phthalates, or heavy metals Up to +200C temperature rangeExamples shown, supplied on 30m reels. FullSupplied on 100m reels. Examples shown.range available on the RS websiteFull range available on the RS website122-2319 9442 WH033 0.0035mm 0.3mm OD832-4727 78002 SL005 2 core unscreened 122-2317 9438 WH033 0.0088mm 0.46mm OD832-4739 78004 SL005 4 core unscreened 122-2315 9434 WH033 0.022mm 0.99mm OD136-8490 78152 SL005 2 pair screened 122-2314 9432 WH033 0.034mm 1.12mm OD832-4828 78106 SL005 6 core screened au.rs-online.com32'