b'RS PRO TEST & MEASUREMENTMT-6600 Multifunction Tester 3 YEAR Industrial Multimeter3 YEAR Test a variety of installation parameters WARRANTY With Bluetooth WARRANTY 3.5 in TFT colour LCD display Ideal for measuring a wide range with 320 x 240 pixe of electrical parameters suchFast high current loop test as voltage, current, resistance,Variable RCD current mode for customized settings capacitance and frequency PASS/FAIL indication for RCD testsClean and user friendly interfaceSafe Earth Volt Touchpad detects raisedwith a large white LED backlit earth voltages greater than 50 V, indicatingdisplay, allowing you to easily potential dangerous situations display measurements in a wide range of environments With Bluetooth connectivity, you can also save and share data quickly and efficiently to your smart device144-5338 1000V 199-3846Multifunction Calibrator 3 YEAR AC Current Datalogging3 YEAR High precision calibration ofWARRANTY Clamp Meter WARRANTYRTDs and thermocouplesFlexible true RMS clamp meter specificallyEnables calibration of any processdesigned for access to awkward and hard to device that measures temperaturebothreach areassensors and temperature Ideal for the types of jobs where the hard jaw clamp measuring instruments meters are unable to gain access to, as the flexible coilCan source and measurecan be snaked around obstructions with 14 types of RTD and 11easetypes of thermocouplePlus datalogger for monitoring, and Bluetooth interface for results export174-95574-20MA 201-0209Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks 3 YEAR A high-quality cleaner that uses a combinationWARRANTYof ultrasonic vibrations and cleaner solution to gently clean and degrease a wide range of materials from plastic to metal Durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel tank Wire basket included to safely clean items without damaging them or the transducers of the tank Adjustable heating and timer controls with LED lamps, giving you full control183-7513 10 litre 179-7571 36 litre au.rs-online.com41'