b'Schneider Electric helps OEM Marketing Directors and Technical Design Leaders to successfully navigate these new challenges in several ways. Schneider Electric Harmony operator interfaces, for example, enhance operational efficiency and machine availability. Harmony solutions can range from a simple set of pushbuttonor single-touch displays mounted on a machine to more advanced technologies such as multi-touch control panels, to advanced industrial PC supervisory control and data acquisition, and even to connected mobile technologies such as tablets and smartphones.By incorporating Harmony devices into their machines, OEMs benefit in multiple ways:\x12 INCREASED BUSINESS VALUE \x12 FULL MOBILE CAPABILITYMachines are delivered with more functionalityProcess data can now be viewable from mobile and innovative interface designs help users todevices with tools that integrate data, docu-realize more value from their machines (likementation and graphics that allow for intuitive connection to outside data from other processoperation.that drive better decision-making). \x12 ENVIRONMENTAL ADAPTABILITY\x12 CUSTOMISED AESTHETIC Further differentiation is provided by HMI Unique look and feel enables not only more endtechnologies that are more capable of operat-user comfort and convenience but alsoing under extended temperature ranges and increased simplicity and safety. that are resistant to moisture, shock, vibration and harsh chemicals.\x12 HIGHER EFFICIENCY PERFORMANCEIntuitive machine interface designs help to reduce human operator error thereby drivingSearch Harmony higher productivity from operations staff. at RS Online today!13'