b'Efficiently solving design problems withDesignSpark Mechanical v5.0DesignSpark Mechanicalsoftware has just beenupgraded to DSM v5.0 with a host of features that improve usability and design efficiency:User customisable shortcutsCustom renderingFlythrough displayImproved sketching with equations and a 2D constraint-based modeMass properties that better supports calculations for 3D printingEngineers looking for extended features such as import & export of IGES format files, support for STEP files, GD&T annotations, customised drawing sheets, perspective modification on 2D drawings from 3D objects are supported too. Drawing and Exchange add-on packages add just the features you need and can be purchased individually, or as a bundle.DDoowwnnllooaaddDDSSMMvv55ffoorrffrreeeeEExxpplloorreetthheeeexxtteennddeeddffeeaattuurreessooffDDSSMMaaddddoonnss'