b"INDUSTRIAL CONTROLSCompact E-Stop with Big Impact RMQ Flat enclosures 30mm head with optional 360 RMQ Flat Enclosures can be quickly illuminated ring ensures improvedinstalled anywhere, whether it's a visibility and increased safety offlat surface or a mounting railthe machines and processesCompatibility with virtually allDue to its modularity, the smallelements from the RMQ-Titan range E-Stop is flexible and easy to e-stops, pushbuttons, indicator integrate into any design lights, selector or key switches Supplied as actuator only, uses M22-FIY1 Yellow is perfect M22-(C)K01 contact blocks for mounting E-stops on Aluminium profile202-0424 22mm mount, Pull to Reset181-7668 22mm, M22-FIY1, one gang, yellow 202-0425 22mm mount, Turn to Reset181-7669 22mm, M22-FI2, two gang, grey 202-0426 22mm mount, Pull to Reset - LED Illuminated181-7670 22mm, M22-FI3, three gang, grey 202-0428 30mm mount, Pull to Reset181-7672 30mm, M30-FI1, one gang, grey 202-0429 30mm mount, Turn to Reset181-7673 30mm, M30-FI2, two gang, grey 202-0430 30mm mount, Pull to Reset - LED Illuminated181-7674 30mm, M30-FI3, three gang, grey Foot and Palm Switches The large, heavy-duty switches which can be actuated by hand, fist, elbow, or foot, ensuring that quick action can be taken Shock resistant and sealed to IP67, IP69K - ideal for rugged applications225-8166 FAK-R/KC11/I - Red/Grey - NO/NC 110-4561 FAK-R/V/KC01/IY - Red/Yellow - NC 110-4566 FAK-R/V/KC02/IY - Red/Yellow - 2xNC 225-8172 FAK-R/V/KC11/IY - Red/Yellow - NC/NO 110-4562 FAK-R/V/Y - Replacement upper Red/Yellow RMQ Flat Design Pushbuttons RMQ Flat LED elements RMQ flat front devices offer a attractive, Rear mount LED elements available sleek design and are fully compatible within dual-colour elements (RG) RMQ-Titan M22 modular components and multi-colour elements (RGB)The mounting system automaticallyas well as standard coloursadapts to the sheet metal thickness RGB module allows seven different being used and are availablecolours on a single pushbutton, all with an anti-rotation tab optionadjustable to your specific needs136-5521 M30C-FDL-B - Blue124-5197 M22-FLED-RG - Red/Green 136-5523 M30C-FDL-G - Green124-5198 M22-FLED-RGB - Full RGB 136-5518 M30C-FDL-G-X1 - Green with 'I'124-5194 M22-FLED-B - Blue 136-5524 M30C-FDL-R - Red124-5195 M22-FLED-G - Green 136-5519 M30C-FDL-R-X0 - Red with 'O'124-5196 M22-FLED-R - Red 136-5525 M30C-FDL-W - White124-5193 M22-FLED-W - White au.rs-online.com15"