b'CONTROL & AUTOMATIONControlMaster ControllersAF Series Contactors& IndicatorsDesigned to increase operational uptimePanel mount 1/8,andDIN process controllers thatand reduce parts inventory for both machine are more intuitive, easier to operate and feature packed builders and maintainers Offering a full-colour TFT display giving a crystal The electronically controlled clear view of the process with IP66 facia sealing coil offers benefits overSuitable for basic to demanding applications,conventional alternatives PID functionality includes cascade, feed forward,including wider operating adaptive, predictive and ratio control strategies range, AC & DC operation and lower current consumption Built-in suppression with connection sets and interlock unit for reversing and star-delta starting are available - 3 pole variants listed711-6240 4kW 12-20DC NO 711-6073 4kW 24-60AC 20-60DC NO 711-6118 4kW 100-250V AC/DCNO 711-6130 4kW 250-500V AC/DCNO 711-6244 5.5kW 12-20DC NO 711-6076 5.5kW 24-60AC20-60DC NO 711-6111 5.5kW 100-250VAC/DC NO 736-2829 Indicator, CM15, 96x48, 100240Vac711-6133 5.5kW 250-500VAC/DC NO 736-2838 Controller, CM10, 48x96, 100240Vac711-6070 7.5kW 24-60AC20-60DC NO 736-2831 Controller, CM30, 96x96, 100240Vac711-6115 7.5kW 100-250VAC/DC NO 736-2835 Controller, CM50, 76x144, 100240Vac711-6137 7.5kW 250-500VAC/DC NO OT Series DIN Rail MountACS150 General Purpose DrivesDisconnectorsThe expertly designed CM-UFD range ofNon-fused disconnectors suitable for a wide range ofgrid feeding relays ensures safe and reliable applications including motor control centres, switchboardsmonitoring of numerous grid parameters and mains switches in various equipment and machines when feeding energy into the public grid.Fits onto a standard 35mm DIN rail or direct Monitoring of voltage and frequency in to base plate - 6mm shaft for extension single and three-phase mains (2-wire, 3-wire, or 4-wire AC systems) 0-minutes average value monitoring Rate of change of frequency monitoring configurable Vector shift detection configurable Error memory for up to 99 entries686-7301 Yellow/Red, Padlock, Door IP54 OT16-125 - OHYS3AH 686-7307 Black, Padlock, Door IP54 OT16-125 - OHBS3AH876-2554 1SVR560730R3400 CM-UFD.M22686-7363 Black Pistol Handle, OT63-250 - OHB65J6876-2551 1SVR560730R3402 CM-UFD.M33727-1511 Shaft 6mm x 180mm, OT16-125 - OXS6X180876-2557 1SVR560730R3401 CM-UFD.M31au.rs-online.com23'