b'MACHINE SOLUTIONSMX2 Inverter Drives D3 Series MicroswitchesA compact AC inverter drive that combines easy operation Reliable Basic Switch with External Leverwith high-efficiency control and ease of integrationAvailable by 0.1 A, 6 A, 11 A, 16 A and 21 A models, allBuilt-in EMC filter and the STO (Safe Torque Offwithself-cleaning contacts. 0.1 A utilizes gold alloy ) safety function and PID as standard crossbarcontacts for high reliability at low loads. Intelligent application wizard for quick set-up withAvailable with internally or externally fitted levers, ModBus / RS-485 comms as standard with options forand 2 fixing positions for external leversCANopen, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT & PROFIBUS682-2503 SPST-NO - D3V-16-3C5826-46060.4 kW, 230 V ac - 3G3MX2-AB004-V1 682-2370 SPDT-NO/NC - D3V-16-1C25ZEN Logic Module perating temperature ranges between 0C and 50C Ladder logic programming Standard LCD display Eight operation buttons650-2984 12 Inputs, 8 Outputs - ZEN-20C1DR-D-V2760-9266 ZEN Connector Cable - ZEN-CIF01CP2E Compact PLCs NB Series Touch Screen HMI A Micro PLC for compact Long-life LED backlightingequipment where Price/Internal memory is 128MBPerformance ratio is a USB memory stick supportkey, while supporting data Vector and bitmap graphicscollection and Machine-2-Serial, USB, or Ethernet connectivityMachine communicationAnimations and easy-to-use functions \'E\' entry level models offer Multi-language support and tooloptional serial or Ethernet On/off-line simulationcomms, while \'N\' level offer integrated Ethernetports \'N\' & \'S\' level both have options for 2 or 4 axis positioning control with linear interpolation - ideal for pick/place and packaging machinery196-3743 8 in, 6 out relay - CP2E-E14DR-A196-3745 12 in , 8 out relay- CP2E-E20DR-A821-1794 5.6" NB5Q-TW01B au.rs-online.com14'