b'HVAC & PLUMBINGManage yourHVACHeating and ventilating a building can be a high costarea, with plenty of opportunities for waste in terms of lost energy or systems running when they dont need to be.Timers, thermostats, insulation, more ecient ways of heating, cooling, moving air and providing hot water can all play their part in reducing costs.FLAGTEXTStainless Steel Ball ValvesHigh pressure - 1000psi/63 bar - reducedbore quarter-turn stainless steel ball valves for ow controlSuitable for temperatures of -20C to 200CCan be used with water, steam, water based liquids, oil and gas4992795 in BSPP F-F 4992802 in BSPP F-F 4992818 1in BSPP F-F 4992824 1 in BSPP F-F RS PRO Black Rubber Pipe Insulation FLAGTEXT TRV4 Thermostatic Valve FLAGTEXT F ully exible rubber Class 0 pipe insulationBi-directional ow capability - suitable for ow or supplied in 2m lengths (Price per pack) return with the head either vertical or horizontalSuitable for frost protection, energyAngle pattern thermostatic radiator valve conservation and pipeline protection with integrated sensing headLarger diameters and grey versions also in BSP with non-sticking valve internalsavailable, please visit the RS website486025 15mm ID, 25mm wall, 5 packIRTJJE250154486081 22mm ID, 19mm wall, 5 packIRTJJE190224486053 22mm ID, 25mm wall, 3 packIRTJJE250223486057 28mm ID, 19mm wall, 5 packIRTJJE190284 3121712 +10 to +30C07 05 090kh.rs-online.com*)'