b"MOTORSMOTORSTeSys Range DOL Starters FLAGTEXT RS510 Series Inverter Drives FLAGTEXTPredominantly used for motor driving workshop machinery,Compact V/ F & SLV (Sensorless Vector) Control drivelarge fans, water pumps and similar types of equipment Integrated Modbus RS485 & BACnet CommunicationFitted TeSys range components Integrated Speed potentiometerIP65 protection rating1223410 3.7 kW, 10.1 A 1223411 0.75 Kw 7447790 10 KwLE1D18N7 1223413 1.5 Kw 7447807 15 kWLE1D25N7 1223414 2,2 Kw Sirius 3RA61 Compact Direct Starter FLAGTEXT 56 Series DOL Starters FLAGTEXTThree wide voltage ranges and 5 wide settingIP66 ratingranges for the rated current. Ambient air temperature for operation is -25 to 75CAutomatic device reset in case of overload and dierentiated detection of overload and short-circuit2141832 4 kW, 240 V, 3 Phase, IP6656DOL9/6-GY8264606 0.4 kW, 230 V ac3G3MX2-AB004-V1500913 5.5 kW 3-12A 24vdc3RA6120-1DB32 7051774 7.5 kW, 400 V, 23 A3G3MX2A4075ECHNCONTACTRON '3 in 1' Hybrid MotorFLAGTEXTStartersThe 3-phase hybrid motor starter with reversing function and current monitoring75% less space required75% less wiring timeAC MOTOR CONTROL & MOTORSNA Control yourmotor speedA variable speed drive (inverter drive) can reduce energy consumption by as much as 60% when used with fans or pumps which would normally run at either full speed or zero speed. A small reduction in speed can give signicant savings. For example, a centrifugal pump 7191790 1 kW, 24 V dc, 2.4 A2900574 or fan running t 80% speed consumes only half of the energy 7191768 1 kW, 24 V dc, 2.4 A2900567 compared to one running at full speed.7191759 4 kW, 24 V dc, 9 A29004217191746 4 kW, 24 V dc, 2.4 A2900414kh.rs-online.com)/"