b'CABLES & WIRES DataTu Industrial Ethernet Cat 7FLAGTEXT Transparent Solder Sleeve FLAGTEXTModerate Flexing CableTemperature range -55C to +125CHigh shield coverage to maintain signal integrity in the industrialTerminate bare or tin plated conductorsnoisy environment designed to withstand environmentalSupplied in a storage case with locking lidand mechanical hazards, from extreme temperatures and sunlight, to solvents, oils, chemicals and moisture7248852 Unterminated/Unterminated, Reel of 305m74005PU.00305 5425612 0.6 - 1.95mmB-155-3802RS PRO 2 Core Industrial Cable,FLAGTEXT CY Control Cable FLAGTEXTUnscreened Screened cable provides excellent interference-free transmissionOperating temperature: -5 C to +80 C Suitable for xed installations or temporary exible useConductor resistance (20/km): 55 max. Other numbers of cores and CSAs are availableOperating voltage: 250 V Supplied on 50m reels8274133 2 core 0.75mm 522519 3 core 0.75mm 522428 4 core 0.75mm 8274155 5 core 0.75mm 1959506 Grey 100m Reel8274161 7 core 0.75mm RS PRO Power Cords FLAGTEXT Cable Tie Tool Boosts Eciency FLAGTEXTFrom RS Pro a high quality and durable range of power cordsPneumatic tool built to apply heavy-duty for connecting an appliance to a mains power supply cable ties eciently and consistentlyProvides consistent tensioning and automatic ush cuttingThe housing is made of plastic with durable reinforced glass-bre, with a holding ring for balance and innitely adjustable tension force321168 Unterminated to AS/NZS 3112, 2.5M 321219 C19, IEC to C20, IEC, 2M1896078 MK7P for ties up to 4.8mm 445740 C14, IEC to C14, IEC, 5M1439310 MK9P for ties up to 13.5mm110-09100 MK9PEU20MMkh%rs-online.com+('