b'Rethinking E-IIoT: Energy Eciency inBeing said that, my condence forMORE EFFICIENT LIGHTINGIN OPERATING SPEED AND bets lies more for the simpler, how-tosSYSTEMS WITH IIOT CONTROLS& ecient implementation of it within Australian Manufacturing individual facilities- & as buzzy it mayLED lighting requires only half as Adjusting equipment speed to meet real-sound- it is IIOT & digital initiatives as mymuch energy use as compact or tube gamechanger of it all.uorescent lighting, even withouttime production demands can generate smart controls. With IIoT capability,dramatic energy savings. For example, LED systems can achieve up to 99%IIoT-enabled variable speed drives can " People. Prot. Planet.energy cost savings. Smart LED systemscut energy consumption by 50% orMoving to better energy ecient How much does it matter which one\'s the preferred P? If we are talkingoperations requires planning and capital.achieve these eciency gains mainlymore. This fact alone can make variable through monitoring room occupancy and saving energy, lets cut the p-justications short & get down to it- the plan." The AIE reported that limited internalavailable light. IIoT-enabled LED systemspeed functions with the investment. capital availability and lack of data onSmart equipment can also monitor and can switch o the lights in a space whereadjust water usage for peak eciency current energy consumption are twono one is working and turn them backin factories and on farms. IIoT-enabled The above, as a gist of the conversation A quick, hitting stat-hit looked like this: Though this reects in part the highbiggest barriers that manufacturers faceon when people enter the space. Thesystems can also help food and beverage between me & Mike, was just enough forpercentage of basic metals and chemicalwhen theyre planning energy savingsystem can also monitor changes in themanufacturers maintain cold-chain me not to skip the rationale but rather take Half of manufacturing businessesmanufacturing in Australias industrialprojects. However, there are IIOT solutionslevel of natural light coming in throughcompliance to prevent the waste of food, a step back with surface stats & draftingin Australia have energy costsportfolio, which sits at 67%. It alsothat companies can deploy with minimalwindows and skylights. Based on thatfuel, and agricultural inputs. this out - sitting beside a lamp which l nowgreater than 25% of EBIT and thepresents serious economic, competitivecapital outlay. Energy Eciency councilreal-time data, the system can adjust wish was a LED one.sector spends an estimated $14b onand environmental implications forCEO Luke Menzel highlights "its not aboutLED brightness in that space for optimalEvery business has good reasons electricity and gas each year businesses within the sector and makesreplacing large pieces of equipment; itsvisibility without energy waste.to reduce energy consumption. We Mike, a dear customer of mine since last As a sector, Australian manufacturingenergy productivity a key challenge to beabout ensuring its running as productivelymight want to control costs, achieve year, is working as Maintenance Engineeris the third largest consumer ofaddressed. as possible. Many more manufacturers areSMARTER TEMPERATUREsustainability targets, gain environmental for a beverage manufacturer- someone Ienergy, accounting for almost 18%looking at these issues closely because ofMANAGEMENT WITH IIOT SENSORS accreditations or boost operational regard highly for his facility and industryof Australias total consumptionNow, when it comes to the plan part,the price spikes. eciency. Whatever your goal, RS insights besides his immense passion toI have my bets on the big idea- ZeroManufacturers can also see energyComponents can help you achieve it - with drive change- may it be sustainability,sitting behind the transport &Net Emission by 2050 despite the A company can install a network ofsavings with sensor-enabled smartthe next generation of energy-ecient accreditation or company balance sheets.electricity sectors who use 27.5%controversies around the government\'swireless devices connected to an AI-drivenmanagement of temperature controls forsolutions. Our predictive search and each. Australian manufacturing isstand on it (Katherine Murphy- Thecontrol system for about one-tenth of thebuildings and equipment. As with lighting,technical support can help you to nd The apprehension around energy talks arealso among the most energy intensiveGuardian reporter 2020). According tocost of a comparable hardwired system. Inroom temperatures can automaticallythe products you need faster. Saving time both timeless & urgent I reckon- & alwaysof countries in the OECD (Australiananalysis by IGCC (Investor Group onsome cases, a wireless system can monitoradjust based on the number of occupantson product selection and helping you to nd myself on the same page as MikeyManufacturing Insights by ERM 2020) Climate Change ANZ), if Australia keepsequipment in areas where wired systemsin a space, relative humidity, and thedeliver major reductions in consumption.& many others- specially amid Covid19cannot reach, due to distance or concernsprescribed optimal temperature range climate & all pre-&-post-case picturestoits current climate policies,about wiring installation safety. Thesefor that space. Real-time temperatureAs the demand for energy grows over painted around it.investment worthsensor networks can help companiesmonitoring can also help plant managersthe next two decades, the most energy $43bn would be lostmaximize their ROI on their currentkeep equipment running within itsecient manufacturers will be in the best over the next ve years,equipment before replacing it with \'smart\'proper temperature range and knowposition to compete, thrive, and enjoy a growing to $250bn byequipment. And when it is time to invest inimmediately when theres a problem. Thispositive brand reputation. IIoT-enabled 2050.new IIOT-enabled equipment, companiesgives managers the ability to intervenemonitoring systems and equipment can On the ip side,can realize even more eciency gains.immediately when, for example, a freezerdeliver better energy eciencies now, and Australia could unlock IIOT systems provide real-time monitoringspace gets too warm for cold chainin the years ahead.an investment boomand analytics of plant equipment andcompliance or a machine drive begins to As Richard Jeers (Technical Director of $63bn over the nextbuilding systems temperature, peak/ overheat. When managers know aboutNorthern Europe at RS) says .access ve years if it alignsnon-peak usage times and overall time inthese problems as they arise, they canto a range of sensors is only part of the its climate policiesuse to help companies identify areas forreduce equipment downtime and productoverall picture; smart maintenance is more with a target of netimprovement. damage. Over time, the system can collectthan just technology and products, its zero emissions byenough temperature readings to enableactually a way of thinking.2050. IGCC nds3 of the key areas where IIoT monitoringAI-driven predictions that can head o the investmentcan help companies harvest the low- some equipment problems, allow for opportunityhanging energy eciency fruit are: predictive maintenance, and set more created byecient operating schedules.an orderly transition to a net zero emissionsArticle by economy wouldSakib Iftekhar reach hundreds of billions of dollars byInternal Sales Team Lead 2050 across sectorsRS Components'