b'TEST & MEASUREMENT U1242B Handheld Digital Multimeter FLAGTEXT10,000 - count dual displayOvermold body casingUp to 0.09% basic DCV accuracyMeasureyour usage Unless you know your current usagepatterns, its not possible to prioritise andfocus on the areas that will have the greatestimpact. Using portable or hand-held test equipment allows you to determine your overall demand prole, as well as the demand in each areaof the business. It also allows you to spot equipment using more energy than it should, and helps identify why.6997351 10A ac 1000V ac 10A dc 1000V dcU1242BFLIR Ex Series Infrared Cameras withFLAGTEXT FLIR MR176 IGMMoisture withFLAGTEXTMSX Replaceable Hygrometer I nfrared camera with extended temperature range IGM moisture meter with replaceable hygrometerEasy to use with simple button navigation Integrated pinless moisture measurements for fast detections, Record radiometric JPEGs that are easy to share with clients and external pin probe included with expandable probe optionsUpload thermal photo instantly over Wi-FiMaxing ratio: range 0 to 560GPP (0.0 to 80.0 g/via the FLIR tools mobile app kg) / basic accuracy 2GPP (0.25 g/kg)Accuracy : 2C or 2% of reading Relative humidity: range 0 to 100% /basic accuracy 2.5%RHFOV: 45 x 34 Vapor pressure: range 0.0 to 12.0kPa /basic accuracy 0.05kPaObject temperature range: 20C to 550C in two ranges1353295 E85- 640 x 480pixel78502-0201 9226236 0C to 50CMR176DPI 705E and DPI 705E-ISHandheldFLAGTEXT PM700E Remote Pressure Sensors FLAGTEXTPressure Indicators External sensor has precedence over the internal sensor48 pressure ranges from 25 mbar to 1,400Operating temperature range of -10C to +50Cbar (1.69 psi to 20,000 psi) Integral calibration record with calibration due count-down displayTotal 1 year uncertainty 0.05% full scale over -10C to +50C temp rangeRemote plug + play pressure andResistance Temperature Detector sensorsDPI705E Safe Area pressure indicatorDPI705EIS Hazardous Area pressure indicator2012889 70barPM700E-1-16G-P1-H0-OP02012890 350barPM700E-1-20A-P6-H0-OP02012871 200 bar, Hazardous AreaDPI705EIS-1-02G-P1-H1-U0-OP0 2012891 1000barPM700E-1-23A-P6-H0-OP02012877 70 bar, Hazardous AreaDPI705EIS-1-16G-P1-H1-U0-OP0 2012892 70bar HazPM700EIS-1-16G-P1-H1-OP02012885 2 bar, Hazardous AreaDPI705EIS-2-07G-P1-H1-U0-OP0 2012893 350bar HazPM700EIS-1-20A-P6-H1-OP02012870 70 bar, Safe AreaDPI705E-1-16G-P1-H0-U0-OP0 2012894 1000bar HazPM700EIS-1-23A-P6-H1-OP0kh.rs-online.com9'