b'you nd these sneaky leaks so you can repair The NEW Fluke ii900 Acoustic Imager will help them before they cause costly downtime.How leaks are generally found: Examples of where leaks can be found:Normally the age-old method of listening for hissing Couplingssounds (which are very hard to hear in industrial Hosesenvironments)orsprayingsoapywateroverthe Tubessuspectedarea(whichcancauseasliphazard) Fittingsand looking for bubbles is the basic way of leak detection.Threaded pipe jointsApart from this method, the other tools for nding Quick disconnectscompressedleaksisanultrasonicacoustic FRLs (lter, regulator, lubricator combinations)detector,whichisportabletoolthatrecognises Condensate trapshigh frequency sounds that are associated with air Valvesleaks, but these are time consuming and complex to Flangesuse and require the operator to be close to the leak, Packingsso very dicult for hard to reach locations such as ceilings and this is often only used during system Air linesdowntime.How much air is being wasted?In any compressed air, gas and vacuum systems you can expect some leakage, but anything above 10%isconsideredwasteful,sousingtheFluke ii900 sonic imager to identify where the leaks are comingfrom(andatdistance),isagreattime saving solution and can ensure facility downtime is minimised. The Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager is available for next day delivery from RS Components.Fluke ii90 - RS Stock Number 187-6163 Fluke a game-changing technologyFluke have launched the ii900 sonic industrial imager that can pinpoint the precise location of leaks from up to 50m away, whilst being in noisy environments and without shutting down any equipment.TheSonicimagerisahand-helddevicethat candetectabroaderrangeoffrequencies thantraditionalultrasonicdevices,usingtheir SoundSight technology to produce visual scans of air leaks, like that of infrared cameras detecting hotspots.Therealbenetovertheii900overtraditional morecomplicatedtestequipmentcanclearly bedemonstratedinthefollowingvideo,which compares the two technologies and shows the ii900 can be learned in around ten minutes.:'