b'HVAC & PLUMBING Standard Pleated Panel Air Filters FLAGTEXT STEGO Enclosure Thermostat FLAGTEXTUses patented Kimberly Clark Intrepid lterLarge setting rangemedia, delivering a constant level of ltering overSmall size 60 x 33 x 43 mmits life with energy savings of up to 40% Plastic casing according to UL94 V-0, light greyG4 gradePrice each in a pack, quantity as stated with other sizes available7302873 18 x 18 x 2 inches, pack of 12 7302870 20 x 16 x 2 inches, pack of 12 7302861 20 x 20 x 2 inches, pack of 12 7302864 24 x 20 x 2 inches, pack of 126974446 0 \x1f +60 C01141.0-00Damper Actuators FLAGTEXT PVC Reinforced Aluminium Foil HVACFLAGTEXTFor adjusting air dampers in ventilationDuctingand air-conditioning systems Features a covered, metal, corrosion-resistant spiral helix, Compatible with all leading makes of HVAC controls which allows the ducting to be compressed and provides good Popular items shown, other models also available crush and kink resistance during handling and installationSuitable for operating temperatures ranging from -5 to +90C5041191 Open/close, 5Nm, 110-240VacLM230A 6798699 100mm diameter Grey Steel Vent Grille FLAGTEXT Silver Aluminium Louvre FLAGTEXTFor ventilation by convectionF or external use Easy 4-screw assembly Louvres blades with an internal rain lip set at a pitch of 38mm and an angle of 45Undrilled anges 32mm wide with fully welded and linished mitre corners5170025 110 x 330mm2543235 432817 501 x 501mm kh.rs-online.com**'