b'The Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager can help you save time, im-prove eciency and annual energy savings.In todays industrial plants and facilities, many of the machines, tools, robotics, product han-dling and many more pieces of equipment all operate with compressed air, gas and vacuum systems, which provide a vital source of converted energy that is much more easier and con-venient than other sources of energy such as electricity, however these resources are compro-mised by wear and poor maintenance practises.The greatest of wasted energy in a compressed air, gas or vacuum system is leaks, which can often be hidden behind machinery or hard to inspect areas and are generally at connection points, overhead in xed pipes or in cracked / worn hoses, these leaks can eventually cause downtime in the equipment or production facility that all adds to the cost.The hidden cost of wasted air: Getting to the heart of the problem:A U.S. Department of Energy study has shown thatFindingandxingleaksisntaneasyprocess a single 3mm leak in a compressed air line can costand many production facilities dont have a leak upward of $2,500 a year and that an unmaintaineddetection program and neither do they have the facility can waste 20% of its total compressed airexpertiseorresourcetoquantifytheamountof production capacity through leaks, these ndingswaste and determine the cost involves as it often were also backed up by New Zealands governmentneedsspecialistsorconsultantswithenergy gures that showed that system leaks can accountanalysers, so often a failure is the rst sign there is for30%to50%ofacompressedairsystemsa major problem.capacity. Beyond performance issues and reduced energy So,tocompensatefortheseineciencies,eciency, the damage caused by unnoticed gas companiestendtobuybiggercompressorsthanor compressed air leaks can be substantial.is necessary, which in turn causes addition energy costs, but the biggest potential costs is if the leaks causeasystemfailure,leadingtoproduction delays or unplanned downtime.'