b'RS PRO T&M RS PRO RS-3322 Psychrometer FLAGTEXT RS PRO 156B Bluetooth Power ClampFLAGTEXTIt measures dew point, wet bulb and dry bulb temperatureMeterwith user-selectable temperature units of C and F 10,000 count digital display 50 segment Analogue bar graphThis humidity instrument can calculate the targetActive backlit with large white LED displaysuperheat and the target evaporator exit temperature Power and power factor measurementIt is an ideal device for diagnosing problems with air ow across the evaporator1938695 100 (Relative Humidity)%1624456 600A (AC/DC) RS PRO RS-325A DigitalFLAGTEXT RS PRO Handheld Digital Multimeters FLAGTEXTThermohygrometer Compact, rugged and high performing digital multimeters T his high-quality thermal hygrometer is ideal forThese handheld devices can measure capacitance, voltage, continuous monitoring and measurement of relativeelectrical current and resistance with diode and continuity checkhumidity (RH) and temperature for indoor climatesThis lightweight and easy to use unit from RS PRO is a great instrument for monitoring the general indoor air quality and can also be used to keep an eye on problem areas for further investigation1233239 IDM71 1233242 IDM72 1233243 IDM73 1959129 Max Humidity 99%RH1233244 IDM91E RS PRO HVAC Digital Multimeter FLAGTEXT RS PRO Compact Handheld DigitalFLAGTEXTWith the addition of capacitance measurements, selectableMultimetersfrequency measurements and temperature measurement,Compact and handheldthis digital multimeter (DMM) is ideal for HVAC applications,Digital 2000 count LCD backlit screenoering exceptional value with high quality and reliable results 3 year warranty1231939 Manual Ranging, DT-912 1993847 -40.0C - 400.0C1231938 Auto-ranging, DT-914 kh.rs-online.com(,'