b'LEDsMake light work ofAll lamps used to be specied according to the powerthey consume. So the higher the power, the more lightWhat is the colour rendering index?Beam anglethey would outputmeaning theyd be brighter. The colour rendering index (CRI) is a scale from 0 toThe beam angle of a lamp is the angle at which the This is now much harder to measure, as LEDs drive down 100 to measure how colours look under a light sourcelight is distributed or emitted. Lamps vary in eective power consumption, so its better to compare the relative when compared with daylight. So a reading of 100beam angle to meet dierent applications.light (lumens) output of a device instead. Use our cheat indicates that colours under the light appear the same sheet to help you make the right switch from incandescent as they would under natural sunlight.Emergency lightingor uorescent to LED lamps. So CRI90+ lamps, for example, are ideal for lighting in settings such as museums and quality controlThe term maintained or non-maintained can departments, as accuracy is really important.sometimes be confusing. Emergency Lighting willLumens or Watts? either congured as:Dimmable vs non-dimmable lights Non-Maintained: Lighting is only illuminated when Incandescent Approx Fluorescent Approx Not all lamps are dimmable, so its worth check- power is lostWattage Lumens Wattage Lumens ing if this is going to be a requirement. Also, someMaintained: Lighting is always on and remains on Twin Tube 11W 640 traditional dimmers dont work with LEDs, mean- when power is lost25W 230-270 lamp ing the dimmer will need to be updated. Operat-Twin Tube 22W 1440 ing a dimmable lamp at 90-95% power can result Fitting250-280 spotlight in considerable savings while beneting fromPlease make sure to select the correct cap tting when 35W 390-410 lamp 2D 16W 1050 little reduction in light levels. selecting your lamp. The diagrams below show some of 2D 28W 2100 the tting types you may come across:40W 440-460 lamp Colour temperature28D 38W 2850 This describes the light appearance provided by a light source. Its measured in degrees of Kelvin (K) on a scale 50W 330-400 spotlight Linear T5 14W 1200 from 1,000 to 10,000. Choose by colour temperature to inuence a rooms atmosphere, for example:MR16T5/T8Linear T5 35W 3300 B15 B22 E14 E27 GU10 MR11 (GU 5.3) GY6.35 TUBE2,700Kthis is a warm white light, more suitable for 60W 800-850 lamp Linear T5 49W 4450 where ambience is needed, such as in homes and res-taurants.75W 1000-1100 lamp Linear T8 18W 1350 4,000Kthis emits cool white light, ideal for oces, production areas, corridors, washrooms and exterior Linear T8 36W 3350 ttings. To see more, visit100W 1500-1600 lamp Linear T8 58W 5200 6,000Kthis light is ideal for commercial and indus-trial areas. kh.rs$online.com))'