b'CONNECTORSPanel Mounting Socket / Coupler FLAGTEXT Deutsch Universal Crimp Tool FLAGTEXTSupplied cable glands accommodate cable diameters 3.5 to 8mmFrom Deutsch, this universal hand crimp tool has an eight-indent Shielded connectors maintain required screening crimp designed to be used with solid contacts sizes 12, 16 and 20Overall diameter 38.1mm, Overall length 77.5mm Used with both pin and socket contacts, the crimp tool features a simple screw adjustment for height/contact size, and a dial to select applicable wire sizes4686226 Cable ConnectorPX0834/B4686232 Panel Mounted CouplerPX0833 425973 20AWG to 12AWGHDT-48-00Amphenol Cat5e RJ45 Connector FLAGTEXT RJ Industrial Male Cat6 RJ45 Connector FLAGTEXTMechanical coding/polarization (4 positions) Excellent qualityThe plug connects into a receptacle using a fast turnHighly reliablebayonet coupling mechanism (MIL-C26482 type) Mating cycles are greater than or equal than 7500IP67 rating5369455 ShieldedRJF 21 B SCC 7148544 Cat6, IP2009451511560CoolSplice Connectors Reduce WiringFLAGTEXT RS PRO Solenoid Valve Connectors FLAGTEXTTime RS PRO Range of solenoid valve connectors have a wide rangeT ime saving splice connectors using IDC connectionof industrial applications, including uid power pneumatic and technology - no wire stripping needed! hydraulic systems and signal transmission in magnetic valvePush button operation for ease of installation with industry proven reliabilityGel sealing for use in harsh environment applications and clear body for visual inspection1300889 2 x 1.5-2.5mm2213600-1 8118323 Socket Pg9 Led 3 Pole + Earthing-24vdc 1300891 1x 0.75-1.5mm / 1x 1.5-2.5mm2213600-3 8118257 Socket Pg9 3 Pole + Earthing-Black 1300890 1x 0.75-2.5mm / 1x 1.5-4mm2213600-2 8118231 Flat Plug 3 Pole + Earthing 1614013 2 x 1.5-2.5mm, box of 392213600-1 8118247 Flat Plug 3 Pole + Earthing Cd - 8 Mm kh.rs-online.com+)'