b'The Importance of Reliable Energy DataReliable energy data, recorded and tracked over time, can be the key to unlocking year-on-year energy savings and improving asset management. You can set energy and greenhouse emissions targets, regularly report on these targets and track the impact of energy-saving opportunities over time. There may be a variety of reasons for tracking and analysing your energy usage, depending on your situation. Your primary reason might be related to running costs, building performance, customer expectations, leasing obligations, production eciency, continuity of service, sustainability goals or reporting and compliance. From all of these starting points, accurate, up-to-date and usable information about your energy usage can open the door to a whole range of benets and improvements relating to energy eciency. How can metering and monitoring benet your business?Electricity metering and monitoring can help you to: Save energy, money and time, and operate yourfacility more eectively Create an energy management plan and set up anenergy management system Target opportunities for improvement Track and report your energy performanceimprovements Predict the savings impact from purchasing new,more-ecient equipment such as chillers, pumps or lights Allocate costs to tenants or separate business units Comply with regulations Secure funding for energy eciency upgrades.'