b'Optimising HVAC SystemsUnlike other more costly energy-ecient strategies, such as plant upgrades, Improving the performance of HVAC via control systems can provide immediate reduction in your energy use and energy costs.Heating, ventilation and air conditioning optimisation opportunities:Strategy type Action Potential energy savings SystemOptimise start/stop settings Up to 10% total energysupervision Optimise space/zone temperature setUp to 20% HVAC energypoints and ranges Change master air handlingUp to 15% HVAC energytemperature signalStage compressors and chillers Up to 10% HVAC energyPlant controls Optimise hot water, chiller andUp to 15% HVAC energycondenser water temperature setsReset duct static air pressure Up to 30% of energy used by fans serving ductsRetrot electronic expansion valves toUp to 15% compressor energycompressorsVentilation and airUse outdoor air directly for coolingUp to 20% compressor energyow (economy cycle)Use night purge Up to 20% compressor energy during start-upUse demand control ventilation forUp to 20% fan energy in occupied carbon dioxide and carbon monoxidespaces and 80% in carparkscontrol Variable speedSet up variable secondary chilled waterUp to 30% on secondary chilled water controls pumping energy useInstall variable speed drives (VSDs) onUp to 30% of fan energycondenser fansInstall VSDs on water pumps for waterUp 30% chilled water pump energycooled condensersBest practice andAdopt an integrated energyUp to 50% total energy maintenance management planTrain sta in energy mamangement Up to 10% total energy practicesCarry out regular maintenance Up to 20% HVAC energy'