b"MEGGERMegger MIT5(, Series Insulation Tester FLAGTEXT D\\^^\\i\x17;K+K:)\x17Xikh\x17K\\jk\\i =C8KOK Measures up to 10 T 2, 3 and 4 point testing Selectable test voltage from 250 to 5000 VART (Attached Rod Technique) capabilityPI, DAR\x17test Multiple, user selectable test frequencies Li$ion battery - extended *capacity, rapid charge CATIV 600 V safety rating 76*0)-.\x17 \x17 5000V, 10T, CAT IV1001-93, +/0+ 200k CAT IV 100 V1000-345D\\^^\\i\x17;CI'('O\x17I\\ZhXi^\\XYc\\\x17E`D?\x17 =C8KOK Megger MFT1.(( Multifunction Tester, FLAGTEXTFhdd\\k\\iJ`dgc\\\x17fg\\iXk`feXc\x17`ek\\i]XZ\\Accurate results in under three secondsJkfiX^\\\x17f]\x17Zfdgc\\k\\[\x17]fidj\x17n`k_\x17i\\ki`\\mXc\x17Yp\x17Z\\ik`]`ZXk\\\x17Auto current reversal cancels standing emfs kpg\\\x17fi\x17Zc`\\ek250 mW power limit (with *Autoranging withG;=\x17\\ogfik\x17]XZ`c`kp\x17]fi\x17jX]\\\x17Xe[\x17j`dgc\\\x17[`jki`Ylk`feManual option, Printer output and memory)Dlck`$gX^\\\x17JZ_\\[lc\\j\x17]fi\x17k\\jk`e^\x17cXi^\\i\x17`ejkXccXk`fej ;ifg\x17[fne\x17]`\\c[j\x17kf\x17jg\\\\[\x17lg\x17Z\\ik`]`ZXk\\\x17Zfdgc\\k`fe\x170('-/'. 0.1ohm and 2000ohm1006-600 ((.$-')-\x17 1000V , Earth Resistance Measurement(''/$()(D\\^^\\i\x17K;I)','\x17K`d\\\x17;fdX`e\x17 =C8KOK D\\^^\\i\x17;K)+:\x17Xikh\x17K\\jk\\i =C8KOKI\\]c\\Zkfd\\k\\ij# Elliptical clamp shape improves access to AutoFind and FindEnd functions helps nd the fault fast earth cables and straps up to 50 mmTrace tagging facility that allows a nameLow maintenance at jaw interfaceto be saved with the trace Measures ground resistance from 0.05to 1500 Distance dependent gain to counteract signal attenuation Measures true RMS ground leakage current Step function to improve detection of near end faults from 0.5 mA rms to 35 A rms/0(0.-0 20000m1005-021 0('-/(' 1.5k CAT IV 600 V1007-331kh.rs-online.com10"