b'ENERGY SAVING COMPONENTS CYBLE-01201x-x0 EZ-BLE BluetoothFLAGTEXT AmbiMate Sensor Modules FLAGTEXTModule Design resources are freed and time to market is acceleratedThe CYBLE-01201x-x0 module contains all theSimplicity of popular I2C communication protocolnecessary components to add low-power BluetoothEvent out pin for real time motion detectionBLE wireless connectivity to a project design Space saving compact designIt includes a royalty-free BLE stack compatible with the Bluetooth 4.1 standard1932012 Sensor module1-2314291-21244406 Single UnitCYBLE-012011-00 1876133 Development kit2331211-3Data-Logging Memory FLAGTEXT PAC1934 USB C Power MeterFLAGTEXT N onvolatile Ferroelectric RAM Memory Development BoardFast write speed USB type C Power MonitorHigh endurance PAC1934 Quad DC Power and Energy AccumulationLow power consumption Provides information on: Bus voltage, Current, InstantaneousPower consumption, Energy accumulation, CC pins voltage1242933 CY15B104Q-SXI 1877666 ADM00921RGB LED Lighting Shield with XMC1202 FLAGTEXT Sensirion SHT31 Smart Gadget FLAGTEXTThe Inneon RGB LED lighting shield is an evaluationSHT31 humidity and temperature sensorboard that is suitable for LED light engines and lamps LCD display for humidity, temperature and dew point in C or FCreated to be easy to congure, it is also ideal for fastBluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity prototyping and evaluating LED lighting applications to iOS and Android smartphonesThe RGB LED Lighting Shield is able to drive up to three LED channels with constant current1113728 KITLEDXMC1202AS01TOBO1 1237130 SHT31 Smart Gadgetkh.rs-online.com*9'