b"ENERGY SAVING COMPONENTSPower electronics will be the enabling technology that will provide ecient, intelligent and optimal use of these energy resources, yielding a more secure, exible and sustainable way of life.Design future products which will enable buildings to be smarter, easy to work in, and more connected.TSR 1 Series Step-Down SwitchingFLAGTEXT STWIN SensorTile Wireless IndustrialFLAGTEXTRegulators Node Development KitGreat replacement for linear regulators Multi-sensing wireless platform implementing Up to 96% more ecient with built-invibration monitoring and ultrasound detection capacitors and short circuit protection Updated version of STEVAL-STWINKT1, now Don't require heat-sink including STSAFE-A110 populated, BlueNRG-M2S Output accuracy (2%), standby current 2mA module and IMP23ABSU MEMS microphoneBuilt around STWIN core system board withprocessing, sensing, connectivity and expansion capabilitiesUltra-low-power ARM Cortex-M4 MCU at 120 MHz with FPU, 2048 kbytes Flash memory (STM32L4R9)6664385 15-36V input, 12V output (each)2102301 Board 1247658 15-36V input, 12V output (tube of 10)2010404 Sensor MAX44284 - Low-Power Current-SenseFLAGTEXT PROFET Power Switches FLAGTEXTAmplier PROFET - protected MOSFET - is Inneon's solution for power Supports Use of Small Current-Sense Resistors to Improve Power switch ICs, suitable for automotive and industrial applicationsSupply Conversion Eciency and Measurement Accuracy Intelligent power switches consisting of a DMOS power transistor and CMOS logic circuitry for complete built-in protectionInput Bias Current of 80nA (max) The PROFET series oer protection against overload, overvoltage, Very Low 2V Input Oset Voltage (MAX44284F/H) short-circuit, excessive temperature, ground and power supply loss1109104 1.8A, 4.7 \x1f 42V (pack of 5)BTS410E2E3062ABUMA11906395 H version (pack of 5)MAX44284HAUT+T 1107772 8.5A, 5.0 \x1f 34V (pack of 4)BTS621L1E3128ABUMA11906383 F version (pack of 5)MAX44284FAUT+T 1109094 8.7A, 5.5 \x1f 30V (pack of 5)BTS3256DAUMA1kh.rs-online.com38"