b'LATESTNEWSElectrocomponents partners with Engineers Without Borders InternationalElectrocomponents has signed aMore than 7,000 rst- andElectrocomponents will also sit on one-year partnership agreementsecond-year university engineeringthe judging panel at the Engineer-with Engineers Without Bordersstudents spanning three continentsing for People Design Challenge International, the leading move- are competing this year to ndGrand Finals, where the best team ment that puts global responsibilitypracticable ways to improve thefrom the participating universities, at the heart of engineering in everylivelihoods of people in the neigh- previously selected by academics part of the world. bouring communities of Lobitos andfrom each institution, will showcase Piedritas on the northern coast oftheir solutions in a bid to win the For the duration of the partnership,Peru. Though popular as a surngGrand Prize of an educational Electrocomponents will providedestination, the two towns stillbursary. The runner up and Peoples nancial and hands-on support toexperience signicant challengesPrize winners will receive a shared Engineers Without Borders Southwith sustainable waste manage- bursary.Africa and Engineers Withoutment, energy, food and water Borders UK for the annual Engineer- supply, digital communications andElectrocomponents collaboration ing for People Design Challenge, astransport infrastructure. Thewith Engineers Without Borders well as for the Inspiring and Build- COVID-19 pandemic has com- organisations is part of a wider ing Community Leaderspounded the diculties in access- commitment by the Group to programmes. The competition, nowing the economic benet that theensure that the company delivers in its tenth year, is a collaborationgrowing tourism industry oersand promotes the highest levels of in 2020/21 between three of the 60through employment, investmentenvironmental, social and gover-Engineers Without Borders organi- and direct tourist spending. nance (ESG) standards aecting sations: UK, South Africa and USA. people and the planet. It is also As well as providing essentialanother example of Electrocompo-The objective underpinning thisfunding to the Engineering fornents enduring educational unique challenge is to encouragePeople Design Challenge, Electro- support for the new generation of university students to broaden theircomponents is very much involvedengineers who will shape our future awareness of the social, environ- at a practical level, oering criticalworld. Through this partnership, mental and economic implicationsskills training to students to boostElectrocomponents has pledged to of their engineering solutions. Thecondence in areas such as presen- extend its support to other Engi-initiative embeds a globally respon- tation skills, for example. The rst ofneers Without Borders organisa-sible awareness during a pivotalthese sessions will take placetions, with activity planned for later moment in the students career andduring the Student Designathon onthis year in the USA and Australia.provides an opportunity for them to17 February.develop solutions that could make a positive dierence to communities and individuals around the world. For more information about Electrocomponents involvement with Engineers Without Borders visit: ewb-uk.org/movement/partnerships/corporate-partners'