b"ENERGY METERS iEM2000 DIN Rail Energy Meters FLAGTEXT PowerLogic PM5000 FLAGTEXTCost-attractive single phase DIN Rail mountableThe PowerLogic PM5000 power meter is the energy meters - ideal for local energy monitoring ideal t for cost management applications, with 40A direct measure (iEM2000 models) & 63Aenhanced measurement capabilitiesdirect measure (iEM2100 models) It allow the user to pin-point energy savings and perform a high Electromechanical display (iEM2000 models)level power quality assessment of the local electrical networkand LCD display (iEM2100 models) The 96x96mm unit has a graphical display that enables data for On-board Modbus or M-Busall phases, neutral & ground to be monitored simultaneouslycommunication optionsMID-compliant (selected models only) providing certied accuracy and data security8417762 PM5300 Power Meter, Serial, 2DI-2DO Out 8417765 PM5100 Power Meter, Pulse Out 9139637 230V 63AA9MEM2100 8417768 PM5100 Power Meter, Pulse/Serial Out,MID 9139661 230V 40AA9MEM2000 8417774 PM5300 Power Meter, ETH, 2DI-2DO Out Legrand EMDX3 3 Phase LCD DigitalFLAGTEXT PowerTag Wireless Energy Sensor FLAGTEXTPower MetersActi 9 PowerTag not only measures energy and power in Displays electricity consumption in kWh and other valuesreal time, it also monitors your assets and immediately such as current, active energy, reactive energy and power alerts your smartphone in the event of failure Simply 'tag' 8-digit LCD display your circuit breakers, link these PowerTags to the Smartlink concentrator and data can then ow seamlessly into your Maximum indication: 99999.99 kWh BMS or accessible via the Smartlink embedded web pagesEasy to install and setup using Acti 9 Smart Test free softwarePowerTag is installed with no additional wires - cutting installation time to just a few minutes, even for existing panel installationsCan be used with Acti 9 series breakers or most other MCBs on the market1348658 Powertag Sensor 1PW MAX 63AA9MEM15201348659 Powertag Sensor 1PN UP MAX 63AA9MEM15218976835 63A, 4 modules Pulse output, direct connection004682 1348660 Powertag Sensor 1PN DOWN MAX 63AA9MEM15228976781 5A, 4 modules Pulse output, CT connection004685 1348661 Powertag Sensor 3P MAX 63AA9MEM1540Finder 7E 1 Phase LCD Energy Meter FLAGTEXT Phoenix Contact EEM Energy Meters FLAGTEXTDisplay of total or partial (resettable) energy80% maximum operational relative humidityconsumption: kWh, kVAh or kvarh Screw connection method which makes it easier for installationScroll to view the following instantaneous values: V, A, PF, kW, kVA, kvar, Hz and direction of power ow7 digit backlit LCD displayProgrammable SO pulse output for remote energy monitoring1743464 1 W, 5 A, 500 V29085781829941 90.4mm Cutout Height7E. 1743465 1 W, 5 A, 500 V2908581kh.rs-online.com)*"