b"BELTS, CHAINS & COUPLINGSSK Series Wedge Belt Standard Duty - Red Box -RS CalibrationHigh-performance wrapped wedge belts,Duplex Chainmanufactured in Europe Precision tolerances for exceptional European (BS) standard steel duplex rollerServicesconsistency & reliability chains for standard applications Can be combined in sets without matchingSold in convenient lengths with connecting links available136-7220 L. 862mm; W. 9.7mm; H.8mm; SPZ5.78136-7229 L. 1142mm; W. 9.7mm; H. 8mm; SPZ8.43136-7256 L. 1312mm; W. 12.7mm; H. 10mm; SPA13.22136-7280 L. 1340mm; W. 16.3mm; H. 13mm; SPB18.35 146-3750 06B-2 5m length,9.525mm pitch63.69136-7257 L. 1337mm; W. 12.7mm; H. 10mm; SPA13.22 146-3756 08B-2 5m length,12.7mm pitch70.93136-7294 L. 2300mm; W. 16.3mm; H. 13mm; SPB30.86 146-3762 10B-2 5m length,15.875mm pitch85.88136-7305 L. 3490mm; W. 16.3mm; H. 13mm; SPB47.37 146-3768 12B-2 5m length,19.05mm pitch107.55136-7268 L. 1812mm; W. 12.7mm; H. 10mm; SPA17.57 146-3774 16B-2 5m length,25.4mm pitch218.67GT4 Winner Roller Chain Synchrobelt HTD timing belts GT4 Winner is a pre-lubricated, carbon steel roller chain Designed for high torque applications designed for the most demanding of drive applications from -20C to +100C Produced using advanced heat treatment for Moderately oil resistant, non-ageing and ozone-resistantenhanced quality To see full TSUBAKI range visit RS online and search 'TSUBAKI'183-0858 RS08B-1 - BSin. simplex, 5m127.53 475-0333 400mm length; 15mm width; 5mm pitch; 80 teeth8.48 Have confidence in your measurements 183-0859 RS10B-1 - BS 5/8 in. simplex, 5m151.93 475-0377 500mm length; 15mm width; 5mm pitch; 100 teeth9.34183-0860 RS12B-1 - BSin. simplex, 5m186.17 475-0608 720mm length; 20mm width; 8mm pitch; 90 teeth13.21183-0861 RS16B-1 - BS 1 in. simplex, 5m344.92 475-0816 880mm length; 30mm width; 8mm pitch; 110 teeth22.03 with our calibration service183-0864 RS08B-2 - BSin. duplex, 5m313.16 475-0670 1.2m length; 20mm width; 8mm pitch; 150 teeth20.27183-0865 RS10B-2 - BS 5/8 in. duplex, 5m332.10 475-0866 1.44m length; 30mm width; 8mm pitch; 180 teeth34.03183-0866 RS12B-2 - BSin. duplex, 5m450.61 475-0692 1.6m length; 20mm width; 8mm pitch; 200 teeth24.84UKAS accredited laboratory183-0867 RS16B-2 - BS 1 in. duplex, 5m757.71 475-0743 2.4m length; 20mm width; 8mm pitch; 300 teeth34.31 Buy new, calibrated ready-to-use equipmentDouble Loop Flex-P Couplings Jaw Coupling Set Maintenance free couplings using a Flexible couplings using Nitrile rubber spider Full traceability of equipment conformity for audit purposes flexible Hytrel element and stainlessdesigned to absorb lower levels of vibration and steel hub with M3 grub screw cushioning against moderate shock loads Exceptional flexibility in all three Maintenance free, failsafe designAs a leading distributor of Test and Measurement instruments, we can supply new equipment directions and suitable for most lowerand suitable for higher rpmcalibrated and ready to use within five working days. Whether that is a multimeter, bench load tasks (18Nm max.) up to 3000rpm applications (up to 31,000 rpm) power supply, oscilloscope or one of many other technologies we offer, you can choose fromSuitable for a wide variety ofover 6000 products.applications including conveyors, fans, 809-0723 Size 10, 2mm bore15.09 gearboxes, pumps and general automation809-0720 Size 10, 3mm bore14.80 Our in-house RS laboratory is accredited and regulated by the United Kingdom Accreditation 809-0727 Size 10, 6mm bore15.09 Service (UKAS), giving you tractability to international standards and full confidence that 809-0736 Size 10, 8mm bore15.09 837-1050 L050 - 27.5mm OD11.87 your reputation and accreditations are intact. 809-0742 Size 20, 4mm bore16.45 837-1054 L070 - 35mm OD13.45809-0749 Size 20, 8mm bore17.27 837-1063 L075 - 44.5mm OD15.83809-0758 Size 20, 10mm bore16.78 837-1066 L090 - 54mm OD21.13 Our dedicated calibration 809-0751 Size 20, 12mm bore17.27 837-1108 L095 - 54mm OD31.82 team is on hand to help. For more information or a quote:ie.rs-online.com Visit: https://ie.rs-online.com/web Call: 0141531006"