b"BEARINGS SKFTapered Roller Bearings Bearing Heaters Oval Flanged Ball Bearing Units4 Hole Bearing Units High radial and axial load The fast, flexible and reliable way to heat bearings- 2 HoleThese square flanged ball bearing units are designed carrying capacityand ensure proper installationThese oval flanged ball bearing units are designed especiallyespecially for the food and beverage industries Ensures a precise and rigid Portable, powerful (725W) and options for bearingfor the food and beverage industries. They are chemical They are chemical resistant, lightweight and shaft guidance system IDs from 10mm to 205mm resistant, lightweight and strong. The unit consists of anstrong. The unit consists of an insert bearing,Large usable speed rangeAutomatic model monitorsinsert bearing, with an extended inner ring and set screwwith a narrow inner ring and set screw locking, temperature via thermostatlocking, and is suitable for applicationsand is suitable for applications where the which is placed on the bearingwhere the direction of rotation isdirection of rotation is constant or alternating inner race (preset to 121C) constant or alternating. The bearing The bearing is mounted in a composite housing, is mounted in a composite housing which can be bolted to a machine wall or frame137-1488 20mm I.D;47mm O.D;15.25mm W - 30204-A19.05Pre-lubricated for life with a DFH Products in the range also come non-toxic food grade grease complete with a back seal and locking end cover137-1497 25mm I.D;52mm O.D;16.25mm W - 30205-A20.90Innovative Seal designPre-lubricated for life with a non-toxic food grade grease137-1501 30mm I.D;55mm O.D;17mm W - 32006-X26.10Innovative Seal Design137-1499 30mm I.D;62mm O.D;17.25mm W - 30206-A24.33 209-3768 F2BC 20M-TPSS 20mm ID111.19137-1485 35mm I.D;72mm O.D;18.25mm W - 30207-A27.95 183-2642 BH-02B/UK - 10-145mm872.77 209-3770 F2BC 25M-TPSS 25mm ID117.31 212-4514 F4BC 20M-CPSS-DFH 20mm ID122.31137-1500 40mm I.D;80mm O.D;19.75mm W - 30208-A34.79 183-2646 BH-02C/UK - 20-145mm1,065.31 212-4515 F4BC 25M-CPSS-DFH 25mm ID129.04137-1502 50mm I.D;80mm O.D;20mm W - 32010-X43.82 183-2649 BH-02S/UK - 20-205mm Automatic control1,500.26 2 Hole Flanged Y Bearing Units 212-4517 F4BC 30M-CPSS-DFH 30mm ID157.37 Flanged Y-bearing units with a cast housing can be212-4520 F4BC 35M-CPSS-DFH 35mm ID193.18Linear Ball Bearing Units Pillow Block Bearings relubricated through a grease fitting in the housing 212-4522 F4BC 40M-CPSS-DFH 40mm ID234.60 Light-weight, aluminium housing which is extremely compactTwo bolt cast-iron pillow blocks for normal This makes them especially suitable for bearing212-4525 F4BC 50M-CPSS-DFH 50mm ID276.03 Optimised to provide high strength and stiffnessduty rotating shaft applications arrangements that operate under highWith integral double lip Examples from range whichlevels of contamination, high speeds, highDeep Groove Metric Ball temperatures or relatively heavy loadsseals (2LS models) covers 12mm to 60mm IDFYTB series have an oval flange andBearings - Sealedtwo holes for attachment boltsThe seals are made from an oil and wear-resistant synthetic rubber 339-8524 FYTB 12 TF 12mm ID34.27 with a steel reinforcement339-8546 FYTB 15 TF 15mm ID29.28Operating temperature 284-9352 LUHR 12 680N dynamic load rating57.93 from -40C to +120C284-9425 LUHR 12-2LS 680N dynamic load rating65.97 750-8933 12mm ID, PCD 95mm12.31 339-8552 FYTB 20 TF 20mm ID26.01Accepts radial and axial loads284-9368 LUHR 16 900N dynamic load rating64.76 750-8936 15mm ID, PCD 95mm9.18 339-8568 FYTB 25 TF 25mm ID30.29Both standard and C3 clearance available (examples shown)284-9431 LUHR 16-2LS 900N dynamic load rating77.89 750-8949 17mm ID, PCD 95mm14.06 339-8574 FYTB 30 TF 30mm ID36.49284-9374 LUHR 20 1120N dynamic load rating69.24 750-8946 20mm ID, PCD 95mm8.47 195-9608 FYTB 35 TF 35mm ID42.09 442-0060 6200-2RSH 10mm ID 30mm OD4.92284-9447 LUHR 20-2LS 1120N dynamic load rating74.44 750-8952 25mm ID, PCD 105mm9.05 212-4602 FYTB 45 TF 40mm ID57.72 442-0183 6201-2RSH 12mm ID 32mm OD5.20284-9396 LUHR 30 3150N dynamic load rating97.65 750-9043 35mm OD, PCD 144mm28.26 442-0082 6202-2RSH 15mm ID 35mm OD5.53LGHP 2 Bearing Grease 442-0076 6203-2RSH 17mm ID 40mm OD6.15284-9469 LUHR 30-2LS 3150N dynamic load rating117.41 750-9046 40mm OD, PCD 156mm25.62 442-0098 6204-2RSH 20mm ID 47mm OD7.12 A high-performing lubricant suitable for Double Row Angular Contact Bearings Deep Groove Miniature Ball Bearings medium-speed to high-speed applications442-0105 6205-2RSH 25mm ID 52mm OD8.17such as electric motors and fans Double row angular contact bearings, ideal for applications that Examples from our range of NSK Designed to remain stable in continuousBearing Fitting Tool Kit - TMFT 36require high running accuracy as well as radial and axial loads Deep Groove shielded (2Z oroperating temperatures of +100C orSealed examples highlighted, butZZ) bearings from NSK are fittedhigher, to help increase the lifespan of 40-piece mechanics tool kit designed for quick and precise complete range available with shieldedwith two metal dust shields equipment with fast-moving parts mounting of bearings while minimising the risk of bearing options and extensive range of sizesOver 240 options available from Has a wide operating range,damagestock with IDs from 3mm to 50mm inso it also offers good starting It is a combination of impact rings and sleeves that allow open, shielded and sealed formats performance at low temperatures effective transmission ofProtects components from corrosionmounting force to the bearing and damage from friction ring with the interference fit205-8772 10mm ID, 30mm OD13.11The risk of damaging the 205-8778 15mm ID, 35mm OD13.79 408-9883 8mm I.D, 22mm O.D - 608ZZ1MC3E4.58 bearing's raceways and rolling 205-8781 17mm ID, 40mm OD14.80 764-3626 10mm I.D, 26mm O.D - 6000ZZC34.88 elements is minimised205-8785 20mm ID, 47mm OD19.44 409-0372 12mm I.D, 32mm O.D - 6201ZZ5.30In addition to mounting bearings, the TMFT series are 205-8788 25mm ID, 52mm OD22.15 492-2112 15mm I.D, 24mm O.D - 6802ZZ12.15 also suitable for mounting 205-8791 30mm ID, 62mm OD30.06 409-0114 17mm I.D, 35mm O.D - 6003ZZ6.14 821-2709 LGHP 2/1 1kg34.24 other components such as 205-8813 35mm ID, 80mm OD55.03 409-0467 20mm I.D, 47mm O.D - 6204ZZ7.15 821-2703 LGHP 2/5 5kg137.71 bushings, seals and pulleys205-8815 40mm ID, 90mm OD65.54 764-3657 25mm I.D, 47mm O.D - 6005ZZC37.80 821-2712 LGHP 2/18 18kg474.01 732-4738 525.79ie.rs-online.com ie.rs-online.com4 5"