b'PNEUMATICS FESTORotary Knob Pneumatic ManualPneumatic Roundline Cylinder -Air Preparation Units MS Series Process Media Valves VZWMControl Valves Double ActingFilter, regulator and lubricator Indirectly actuated poppet valve with diaphragm sealHighly durable POM (polyoxymethylene) body materialThe piston\'s built-in end-of-stroke buffer increasesfunctions in a single unitPipe connection G14G2 Maximum operating pressure of 10 bar durability and cushions its impact. This also decreases High flow rateFlow rate 1,40031,000 l/minTwo ports, two positions corrosion and helps prevent system interferenceHighly efficient in removing contaminantsAvailable in brass or stainless steel castingOther sizes available (including It\'s a good choice for use with oil-free air compressorsGood control characteristicsWide range of coilsversions for changes in hose Maximum 10 bar, G 1/8 port connectionMinimal pressure hysteresisExamples shown are 2/2 way diameter) on the RS web siteExamples shown, wider range available on the RS web site solenoid valve, NC, female Supplied and priced as a pack of 10304-3577 20mm bore, 100mm stroke73.45 136-6744 G FR/L 0.5-12 bar, 40m, 900l/m106.63 121-5807 VZWM-L-M22C-G14-F4 G71.83916-0968 6mm - 6mm43.26 304-3864 20mm bore, 125mm stroke57.72 136-7051 G" 0.5-12 bar F/R with On/Off valve, 40m,123.86 121-5810 VZWM-L-M22C-G38-F4 G3/871.83916-0962 8mm - 8mm47.54 304-3583 25mm bore, 25mm stroke72.80 1700l/m121-5806 VZWM-L-M22C-G12-F4 G71.83916-0971 10mm - 10mm60.29 304-3870 25mm bore, 50mm stroke77.22 202-3062 G3/8 FR/L 0.5-12 bar, 40m, 3500l/m142.14 121-5809 VZWM-L-M22C-G34-F4 G113.30304-3606 25mm bore, 80mm stroke60.63 202-3038 G FR/L 0.3-7 bar, 40m, 4800l/m142.14 121-5808 VZWM-L-M22C-G1-F4 G1113.303104 Series Push-In304-3612 25mm bore, 100mm stroke82.94 136-6743 G FR/L 0.5-12 bar, 40m, 3700l/m142.14 163-7305 VZWM-L-M22C-G1-F5-R1 G1, stainless steel305.40Pneumatic Connectors BL64 Series - Filter RegulatorQuarter Turn Actuators DFPD NAMUR Solenoid Valve VSNC Full bore design and exceptionally low leak rate and LubricatorRack and pinion operationPilot valves for single and double-actingAvailable with BSPP and BSPT threadsComplete air processing units that are pre-assembled Constant torque characteristic acrossquarter turn and linear actuators Suitable for vacuum or pressure applications and ready to install straight from the box the entire swivel rangePort pattern in accordance with VDI/VDE 3845 Examples shown, wider range available on the RS web siteThe regulator has a micro fog lubricator to Available in sizes 10 to 2300Conversion from 3/2-way to 5/2-way valve by turning seal Supplied and priced as a pack of 5 ensure the best lubricationSuitable for the automation of butterfly Enables single or double- 40m polypropylene filter element valves, ball valves and air dampers acting actuators to beComplete with gauge and brackets controlled with one valve Manual or automatic drainExamples shown spring 812-055 Equal elbow 4mm16.80 5/2 way, G812-061 Equal elbow 6mm15.56812-077 Equal tee 4mm19.84 196-9629 BL64-201 G436.83812-083 Equal tee 6mm19.90 196-9635 BL64-301 G3/8436.83 121-5296 DFPD-10-RP-90-RD-F03 10Nm double acting71.71812-099 Equal straight 4mm11.73 184-4463 BL64-401 G418.31 121-5312 DFPD-20-RP-90-RD-F04 20Nm double acting88.04 121-5870 VSNC-FC-M52-MD-G14-F865.68812-106 Equal straight 6mm12.24 196-9641 BL64-601 G471.19 121-4309 DFPD-40-RP-90-RD-F0507 40Nm double acting110.06 121-5871 VSNC-FC-M52-MD-G14-F8-1B2 with switching76.69121-5336 DFPD-40-RP-90-RS30-F0507 40Nm single acting122.76 status display In-line Speed Controller withMGP Compact Guide Cylinder121-5300 DFPD-120-RP-90-RD-F0507 120Nm double acting207.44 125-9983 VSNC-FC-M52-MD-G14-FN-1A1-EX4-A ATEX certified170.02Push-In Fittings - Straight with End Lock AS series inline speed controllers are With end lock that holds the cylinderPneumatic Fittings QS Pneumatic Tube PUN-Hlightweight and have the benefitin position, even if the air supply is QS standard seriesFlexible polyurethaneof index plates to help identify pointsdisconnectedWide range of variants (push-in male examples shown)High resistance to microbes and hydrolysiswhen multiple controllers are installedOffers mounting points on the top, side, or Maximum flexibility in standard applicationsFood-safe Can be mounted in four different ways bottom with pneumatic ports on the top or sidePBT and nickel-plated brassSuitable for use with energy chains Speed accurately controlled even at low velocityDouble-acting cylinders are non-rotatable, offer a high Operating media: compressed Operating medium: compressed air, vacuum, water Examples shown, wider range available on the RS web site resistance to side loads, and are able to withstand high lateralair, vacuum, waterAlso available as DUO loading forcesSupplied and priced as bag of 10 twinned plastic tubing Examples shown, wider range available on the RS web siteExamples shown, all 50m length748-0709 M5 body, 4mm tube OD10.25748-0703 M5 body, 6mm tube OD10.25 121-6178 QS-G1/8-6 G1/8, 6mm20.90748-0712 1/8 body, 6mm tube OD13.34 757-8660 20mm bore, 30mm stroke250.27 121-6096 QSM-1/8-6-I R1/8, 6mm, Hex24.70 121-6292 PUN-H-6X1-BL blue, 6mm OD48.50748-0715body, 6mm tube OD14.87 757-8664 20mm bore, 40mm stroke254.33 121-4318 QS8 R, 8mm22.20 126-2776 PUN-H-6X1-NT natural 6mm OD48.50748-0719body, 8mm tube OD14.87 757-8676 20mm bore, 50mm stroke258.40 121-6173 QS-G-8 G, 8mm26.20 121-6294 PUN-H-6X1-SW black, 6mm OD48.50748-0728 3/8 body, 8mm tube OD18.81 757-8686 20mm bore, 100mm stroke278.97 121-6038 QSM-M5-4-I M5, 4mm, Hex21.50 122-8469 PUN-H-8X1,25-BL blue, 8mm OD70.00748-0721 3/8 body, 10mm tube OD18.81 758-0705 20mm bore, 150mm stroke299.52 121-6037 QSM-M5-4 M5, 4mm22.20 122-8458 PUN-H-10X1,5-BL blue, 10mm OD105.50748-0725body, 12mm tube OD26.49 758-0708 20mm bore, 200mm stroke319.94 121-6041 QSM-M6-6 M6, 6mm25.40 122-8461 PUN-H-12X2-BL blue, 12mm OD147.50ie.rs-online.com ie.rs-online.com2 3'