b"LUBRICATION CONSUMABLES & FASTENERSChainspray Belt Spray Threadlocking Tough Wipes Chain and drive lubricant offers maximum Protects the belt from deterioration through Designed for locking and sealing Super high absorbency hand wipes with adhesion to chain link with excellentoxidation or heat, helping to extend its lifethreaded fasteners to reduce the effectsa polymer web that gives the cleaning penetration, lubrication andwhilst improving the grip and reducingof vibration and in operation loosening of pumice without the scratchingcorrosion protection of the pins annoying squeaksLow strength and low viscosity, Highly effective on range of soilingHigh temperature resistant: up to Suitable for all belt types including vee, flatsuitable for threads up to M12 including grease, oils, petrochemicals, 200C continuous (300C intermittent) and toothed; can also be used on rubber, Cures within the gap between closepaints, adhesives, tar, bitumen, resins FLT version for fork lift trucks leather or fabric surfaces fitting metal surfaces, Sold in tub of 100 National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)but unlike glue doesn't certified as safe for use where it might comeimpede removalinto incidental contact with food 400 ml780-5231 Chainspray 400ml14.80 482-1508 27.68745-7523 FLT Chainspray 500ml7.47 137-2033 10.16 1200-Piece Steel Self Tapping LHDF900 Dismounting Fluid WD-40 Specialist Screw Kit Specially designed for use with Professional-grade range of lubricants and greases 787-7396 Loctite 221 - low strength46.55BZP steel slotted & cross hydraulic systems including pumps Smart Straw applicator, offers two ways to408-4080 Loctite 243 - medium strength56.47 recess pan head screw kitand injection tools, the fluid containsspray: flip up straw for hard to reach areas or Kit contains 1200 self-tapping anti-corrosive ingredients which areflip it down for wide angle spray coverage 508-6649 Loctite 2701 - high strength56.47 screws, in sizes No. 4, 6, 8 & non-aggressive to seal materials 360 valve enables10, supplied in a moulded such as nitrile and rubber ZG90 Rapid Dry Galvanise plastic storage casespraying at any angle,Typical applications include: hydrauliceven upside downHot-dip galvanise paint for galvanised equipment or bearing dismounting400ml cans steel and providing effective5 litre package protection against corrosion Excellent adhesion and flexibility546-3478 38.63for long-term performance 500ml BZP Steel Hex Bolt and Nut Kit134-7611 65.44476-piece set supplied in a plastic case for safe storage and portabilitySAPPHIRE Bearing Grease 757-7131 White Lithium grease8.20Kit contains bolts and nuts in M6, M8, M10 and M12 sizes Designed to provide effective lubrication822-7925 Long lasting grease8.20Bolt thread lengths between 30 and 80mmand protection for bearings operating757-7147 PTFE lubricant8.60 187-6166 10.33under a wide variety of conditions 757-7134 Anti-friction dry PTFE lubricant8.60 Increases bearing life and prevents prematureCirclip Kitsfailure which reduces maintenance costs757-7122 Silicone lubricant8.48Stainless steel clips conform to DIN 1.4122 and BS3673and avoids costly unplanned downtime 757-7125 Fast release penetrant8.20Supplied in compartmented storage box, completeCartridges shown, for otherwith a layout sheet giving dimensional informationoptions visit our website Castrol 20 Litre Oil DrumsKit 1: shaft diameters : 2.2512mm, 416mm, 812mm Premium oils developed for specific Kit 2: shaft diameters: 1320mm, 1425mm 725-9978 57.24environments, sold in 20 litre drums Alpha SP - ideal for industrial gearDrill and Tap Setboxes with forced circulation or High performance taps and drills splash and oil bath lubrication designed for use with most materials330-6301 Sapphire 1 multi purpose 400g12.96Aircol MR - compressor oil designed Featuring A002 drills with Titaniumto meet the requirements of oilNitride tip coating that minimises wear, 238-6362 Sapphire 2 heavy duty 400g12.56 flooded rotary screw compressors increases tool life and allows increased 238-6413 SapphireHi-Load 2 long life multi purpose with26.55EPX 80W/90 -developed for use withperformance and self-centring point MoS2 400gspiral bevel and hypoid differentials for excellent positional accuracy733-4997 Sapphire Advance 2 multi purpose EP with PTFE12.86Hand machine taps compliment the set 380gin sizes M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12238-6407 Sapphire Aqua 2 multi purpose water resistant23.99EP 380g 463-3547 Alpha SP178.69330-6288 SapphireHi-Pressure high load with MoS2 400g29.92330-6171 Sapphire Extreme high load/temp with MoS248.33 463-3519 Aircol MR202.58 278-360 Kit 1 890-piece81.40400g463-3597 EPX 80W/90203.74 278-376 Kit 2 450-piece131.56 787-8986 103.89ie.rs-online.com ie.rs-online.com10 11"