b'ELECTRICALThermomark Go.K Mobile Transfer Printer ACTI9 IC60H MCB 1 Pole - Curve C 1 Pole Automotive ThermalSmall & lightweight handheld printer Provides excellent circuit protection particularly inCircuit Breakersideal for fast marking onsite combating short circuits and overload currentsParticularly suitable for installationMaintenance-free operation Compact in nature making wiring easierin difficult-to-access locationswith proven thermal transferand simplifying your circuit systemWith reset button and printer technologyNominal currents ranging from 1 to 63A manual release facilityPTV Lateral Connection Terminal BlocksUp to 20 projects can be created Full compatibility with Acti 9 RCDs and MCCBsService short-circuit breaking and stored directly on the deviceOperating voltage up to 440Vac,capacity 300 operations at 2 x lN Designed to allow lateral or Print materials in easy toinsulation voltage 500VUltimate short-circuit breaking side connection of conductors install cartridge format capacity 3 break operations at 150AClearer wiring without bending Printing of self-adhesive, non- or 1 break operation at 2000Aradii in confined spaces sticky labels and shrink sleeves29Vdc voltage rating Allows the fixing and reading of terminal markers more easily 791-3275 1A31.66 Switch from screw to push-in terminals while keeping the791-3284 2A28.74existing control cabinet layouts 791-3281 4A25.42 Existing accessories of the137-2243 116.67CLIPLINE complete system791-3290 6A19.03can also be used hereEMpro Energy Meters 791-3293 10A21.252Energy measurement in just 3 steps with an intuitive installation wizard 791-3297 16A21.25 723-4819 5A14.38188-1739 1078960 Feed through terminal block, Grey, 2.5mm push-in (10)9.192Reduce wiring and effort with the direct connection791-3307 20A21.25 723-4821 10A14.68188-1740 1078962 Feed through terminal block, Blue, 2.5mm push-in (10)9.19 of conventional Rogowski coils2Easy commissioning and service with intelligent791-3300 25A21.66 723-4825 15A14.68188-1741 1078963 Feed through terminal block, PE, 2.5mm push-in (10)30.60 web server and display functions2 791-3304 32A22.33 723-4834 20A14.68220-5596 1079073 Double level terminal block, Grey,2.5mm push-in (50)97.46Supports most major fieldbus systems including 220-5597 1079074 Double level terminal block, Blue,2.5mm push-in (50)97.46 Profinet, EthernetIP, Modbus RTU/TCP2 LEDtec 24V LED Indicators Series 84 Low Profile Emergency Stop Switch220-5599 1079076 Double level terminal block, PE,2.5mm push-in (50)267.65Quick and easy installationUseful when space is at a premium2 Bright and colour intensive lightRequires a 22.5mm cut-outSingle Channel Electronic Circuit BreakersVery low power consumption Twist to unlock clockwise very energy efficientPosition indication ring black Single channel circuit breaker in only 6mm of widthTemperature range -25 to +55CApplication as per DIN EN ISOCircuits can be adjusted without any tools by IP rating: IP65 13850 and EN 60204-1means of one single push-able LED buttonOperational life: 30,000 hoursChoice of flat ribbon-cable length 300mmAvailable in fixed (1-4A or 1-10A) and Also available as 12V, 110V or 230Vor plug-in terminal 2.8 x 0.5 mmconfigurable (1, 2, 4, 6, 8A) ratings versions on the RS website Electronic locking of the set nominal currents Multicolour LED to indicate status, healthy, tripped, under/over voltage 189-2317 2907945 integrated Modbus/TCP interface333.07189-2318 2907946 integrated Modbus/TCP and PROFINET interface504.31 690-6960 Non-illuminated, Faston terminals, 2NC31.22189-2319 2907953 integrated Modbus/TCP and EtherNet/IP interface649.88 Non-illuminated, ribbon cable, 2NC75.45 690-6945220-5805 1135752 1-8A configurable25.93 220-5793 1127052 24Vdc supply with integrated Modbus/TCP interface383.24 690-6954 Non-illuminated, ribbon cable, 1NC+1NO39.42220-5806 1135753 1-4A configurable25.93 189-2321 2907983 integrated Modbus/TCP interface324.51 690-6957 Illuminated, ribbon cable, 2NC68.69201-6326 2909902 fixed 1A41.09 189-2320 2907954 integrated Modbus/TCP interface, no display281.70 690-6951 Illuminated, ribbon cable, 1NC+1NO55.54207-2803 2909903 fixed 2A28.25 191-4373 2907944 integrated Modbus RTU/TCP interface358.76763-7911 Blue3.04 Han E Range Connector Assembly Packs201-3968 2909906 fixed 4A41.09 QUINT4 Single Phase Power Supplies 100W 763-7918 Green3.01Connector purchasing made easy201-6203 2909908 fixed 6A41.09Starting of heavy loads763-7909 Red2.95Each pack contains a hood or 201-5438 2909910 fixed 8A41.09 with dynamic boost housing, and male or female insert Preventive function monitoring763-7905 White3.47Examples shown maleindicates critical operating763-7915 Yellow2.95Rating 16A at 500VSurge Protection states before errors occurAll components are also available18th edition compliant surge protection High efficiency and longseparately, with an extensive range for your cabinet/installation service life, with low power2 Position Key Switches available on the RS website Type 2 SPDs for cabinet protectiondissipation and low heatingMiniature, key-operated lock from transient surgesSpace saving thanks to aswitch suitable for many lowBack up fuse free up to 315A main fuse (Type 2)narrow, slim-line design voltage applications Type 2/3 SPDs for end of line protection With push-in terminalsChoice of common or random keyedof sensitive equipment3A@ 50Vdc, 5A@ 115Vac174-5879 2909575 24Vdc output @ 1.3A84.05Depth behind panel is 22.4mm 492-5458 6 way side entry, M2020.51 Key index angle is 60174-5881 2909576 24Vdc output @ 2.5A105.35Other formats available 492-5464 6 way top entry, M2017.23890-3736 2905333 Type 2 SPD single phase 3 wire TN-S225.81 174-5884 2909577 24Vdc output @ 3.8A149.54 492-5470 10 way side entry, M2022.29890-3742 2905340 Type 2 SPD 3 phase 5 wire TN-S378.25 192-6541 2904605 12Vdc output @ 2.5A100.68 492-5486 10 way top entry, M2019.10188-8250 2907925 Type 2/3 SPD single phase for 24Vdc system136.01 192-6542 2904607 12Vdc output @ 7.5A157.41 319-770 SRL5MS2850 Key type common DP-CO7.58 492-5521 16 way side entry, M2530.09188-8256 2907928 Type 2/3 SPD single phase for 230Vac system136.01 220-5830 2904595 5Vdc output @ 5A88.37 319-809 SRL5MD2 Key type random DPDT-NO/NC8.03 492-5537 16 way top entry, M2526.03ierrss-online ie.rs-online.comie -onlineccoomm8 9'