b'PLCS & HMISSiemens LOGO! V8.3 with Cloud Panel Mount RFID reader ALTIVAR ATV320 Machine Drive TeSys island Digital Load Management The ever popular Logo! programmable controllerNEWAn innovative way to control user access or authorityNEWThe Altivar \'Machine\' ATV320 variable speed TeSys island is an innovative digital load managementNEWnow has cloud connectivity out of the box, ason machines or within automation applications drive replaces the popular ATV32 and ATV312solutionproviding data for higher machine efficiency well as all the logic functionality you needMounts in common 22mm cut out, IP65/67drives, featuring embedded Modbus &and ease of servicing, with faster time to market Using Logo! Web Editor V2.0rated, LED & audible feedback, and choiceCANopen comms with the option of Ethernet As a modular, multifunctional system it enables direct connection toof tag holder or standard reader types to allow greater levels of integration provides integrated control, monitoring and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ethernet comms supporting Modbus TCP makes The series also offers STO (Safe Torque Off), SS1diagnostics of low-voltage motor loadswith further platforms planned PLC or process integration straight forward (Safe Stop 1), SLS (Safely Limited Speed), SMS To use our online configurator to discover yourTo see the full range visit RS(Safe Maximum Speed), and GDL (Guard Doorideal TeSys island setup scan the QR codeOnline and search \'Logo 8.3\' Locking) features for enhanced machinery safety Single Phase versions listed - for full range visit ie.rs-online.com and search \'ATV320\' for details125-3233 0.18KW 200-240Vac181.45125-3235 0.37KW 200-240Vac193.80210-5540 RFID Reader, holder type378.64 125-3239 0.55KW 200-240Vac224.20209-7104 12/24Vdc140.52 210-5538 RFID Reader, standard type378.64 125-3243 0.75KW 200-240Vac257.45209-7103 24Vdc140.52 210-5546 RFID Tag, Black24.47 125-3247 1.1KW 200-240Vac279.30209-7102 115/230Vac144.03 210-5541 RFID Tag, Green24.47 125-3251 1.5KW 200-240Vac302.10FX5U Compact PLCs 210-5542 RFID Tag, Yellow24.47 125-3255 2.2KW 200-240Vac382.85 204-8279 TPRBCEIP Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP Bus coupler, 24 V dc202.27 The first model in the iQ-F series is the FX5U,210-5544 RFID Tag, Blue24.47 ALTIVAR ATV12 Inverter Drive 204-8285 TPRVM001 Voltage Monitoring module, 3 phase161.81offering high performance in a compact,210-5543 RFID Tag, Red24.47Designed to be plug and play out of the box with204-8274 TPRPM009 Power Interface Module 4kW63.57cost effective package Completely backward code-compatible with the factory configuration suitable for the majority204-8275 TPRPM038 Power Interface Module 18.5kW86.69FX3 and previous FX-Series PLCs but nowMicro810Logic Controller of small machine applications from 0.18-4.0kWoffering built-in Ethernet, analogue I/O, data Micro810 controller is an economical logic Interchangeable with the previous204-8281 TPRPM080 Power Interface Module 37kW161.81logging via SD card, position control, security,controller programmable via FREE to usegeneration ATV11 drive 204-8287 TPRST009 3-pole starter 4kW75.21and serial communications as standard Connected Components Workbench (CCW) Offers thermal detection via build-in PTCProgramming software GX Works3, 8 Input (4 digital, 4 analog/digital,probe and Modbus communication 204-8289 TPRST025 3-pole starter 11kW90.16supporting complete integration withconfigurable) & 4 Output - Relay or SSR the GOT series of Mitsubishi HMIs options, with optional local LCD 669-5777 1 ph input 0.18KW211.85 204-8282 TPRST038 3-pole starter 18.5kW121.36 DC models allow 4 inputs to function669-5770 1 ph input 0.37KW212.80 204-8291 TPRST065 3-pole starter 30kW223.30as 4 010V analog inputs 669-5774 1 ph input 0.55KW253.65 204-8277 TPRST080 3-pole starter 37kW233.87875-5672 CPU 16I 16O Relay 100-240V - FX5U-32MR-ES795.02 669-5783 1 ph input 0.75KW257.45 394-9986 LAD9R1 Reversing Contactor kit17.58875-5676 CPU 32I 32O Relay 100-240V - FX5U-64MR-ES1,133.15 750-8602 24Vdc, 0-10V, 4 x Relay90.25 669-5786 1 ph input 1.5KW270.75 GV2 Thermal-Magnetic Motor Circuit Breakers875-5685 CPU 40I 40O Relay 100-240V - FX5U-80MR-ES1,245.47 750-8605 120/240Vac, 4x Relay64.80 669-5796 3 ph input 0.75KW260.30Complete protection in a single unit with 135-9270 CPU 24VDC 16 /16 I/O - FX5U-32MR/DS795.02 669-5806 3 ph input 1.5KW373.35 overload protection via thermal-magnetic 135-9272 CPU 24VDC 32 32 I/O - FX5U-64MR/DS1,133.15 750-8609 24Vdc, 0-10V, 4x SSR64.80 669-5809 3 ph input 2.2KW436.05 devices built into the circuit-breaker750-8661 Optional 1.5 local LCD32.07Offers Manual, local control when breaker is 135-9275 CPU 24VDC 40 /40 I/O - FX5U-80MR/DS1,245.47 669-5803 3 ph input 3KW597.55 used on its own and automatic and remote control when combined with a contactor877-2441 Software - GX Works3 V01-2L0C-E1,620.45 Universal HMIs from RS PRO 669-5812 3 ph input 4KW763.80Optional undervoltage trip and NEW shunt trips available from stock 16k colour TFT HMIs based on high performance Modicon M262 Motion & Logic Controller ARM Cortex A-series processors TeSys D Green Contactors An IIoT ready motion & logic controller offering class leading Each HMI offers support for The NEW TeSys D range with AC/DC coils - every connectivity and 3-5ns/Inst processing performance all common PLC protocolscoil can be energised with either AC or DCEach controller has 4x highand programming via USBProvides lower energy consumption in speed inputs & digital outputs 128mb Flash memory assame dimensions as the original TeSys D with motion control versionsstandard, with IP65 sealedrange with reduced stock holdingfeaturing an Incremental/SSIfront facia for maximum Low control current allows direct PLC395-0318 GV2ME03 0.25-0.4A FLC56.05encoder input, all expandableapplication flexibility control for contactors up to 80Awith Modicon TM3 I/O modules 395-0295 GV2ME05 0.63-1A FLC59.85 4 ethernet ports acting as a135-3940 9A 3P 24-60VAC/DC - LC1D09BNE68.40 395-0289 GV2ME06 1-1.6A FLC60.95hub including: 2 x Gigabit and 1 x 100Mbps both with135-3942 9A 3P 100-250VAC/DC - LC1D09KUE68.40 395-0267 GV2ME07 2.5A FLC60.95Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP 135-3943 12A 3P 24-60VAC/DC - LC1D12BNE78.46 395-0251 GV2ME08 2.5-4A FLC60.95135-3945 12A 3P 100-250VAC/DC - LC1D12KUE78.46 395-0245 GV2ME10 4-6.3A FLC60.95135-3946 18A 3P 24-60VAC/DC - LC1D18BNE102.60 395-0239 GV2ME14 6-10A FLC73.15201-1450 TM262L10MESE8T - 5ns/inst - Logic950.95 215-6604 7" 800x480 - RS232/422/485214.42 135-3948 18A 3P 100-250VAC/DC - LC1D18KUE103.05 395-0223 GV2ME16 9-14A FLC74.10201-1448 TM262L20MESE8T - 3ns/inst - Logic1,520.95 221-3481 4.3" 480x272 - Ethernet, RS232/485/422253.40 135-3949 25A 3P 24-60VAC/DC - LC1D25BNE133.95 395-0217 GV2ME20 13-18A FLC74.10201-1476 TM262M15MESS8T - 5 ns/inst - 4 axis Motion1,605.50 215-6605 7" 800x480 - Ethernet, RS232/422/485257.30 135-3951 25A 3P 100-250VAC/DC - LC1D25KUE133.95 400-1439 GV2ME21 17-23A FLC78.85201-1491 TM262M25MESS8T - 3 ns/inst - 8 axis Motion2,176.45 215-6606 10.2" 1024x600 - Ethernet, RS232/422/485428.84 135-3952 32A 3P 24-60VAC/DC - LC1D32BNE159.26 395-0201 GV2ME22 20-25A FLC87.40201-1461 TM262M35MESS8T - 3 ns/inst - 16 axis Motion2,472.85 215-6607 7" 800x480 - HTML support - Ethernet, RS232/422/485711.09 135-3954 32A 3P 100-250VAC/DC - LC1D32KUE158.65 395-0194 GV2ME32 24-32A FLC137.80ie.rs-online.com ie s-online.c.coommie.r.rs-online4 5'