b'MECHANICAL & FLUID POWERVDMA Profile Cylinders Deep Groove Double Shielded Bearings VUVG Solenoid Valves MS Series Air Preparation Units CP96-C series double-acting pneumatic cylinders Versatile self-retaining bearings with solid outer Compact range of valves Filter, regulator and lubricator feature both air and bumper cushioning reducingrings, inner rings and ball and cage assembliesMinimal installation space functions in a single unitcycle time and the noise at the end of the strokeDurable in operation and easy to maintain, Voltage optionsHigh flow rate Full range available online - visitsuitable for high speed applicationsHigh flow rateHighly efficient in removing contaminantsour website for more detailsGap seals on both sides and lubricated Flexible modular systemGood control characteristicsfor life with high-quality greaseMinimal pressure hysteresis137-1582 10mm ID 26mm OD4.47916-6730 32mm bore 25mm stroke70.28 137-1645 12mm ID 32mm OD4.88916-6752 32mm bore 80mm stroke72.41 137-1591 15mm ID 32mm OD5.53916-6724 32mm bore 160mm stroke75.80 137-1596 17mm ID 35mm OD5.83 121-5890 5/2 Sol/Pneu Spring, 14mm width, G1/8, 3 pin55.13 136-6744 G FR/L 0.5-12 bar, 40m, 900l/m106.63916-6733 32mm bore 200mm stroke77.52 137-1601 20mm ID 42mm OD6.72 202-1320 5/2 Sol/Mech Spring, 10mm width, G1/854.78 202-3038 G FR/L 0.3-7 bar, 40m, 4800l/m142.14916-6755 32mm bore 500mm stroke90.25 137-1719 25mm ID 62mm OD11.39 175-2143 5/2 Sol/Pneu Spring, 14mm width, G1/862.34 136-6743 G FR/L 0.5-12 bar, 40m , 3700l/m142.14916-6761 40mm bore 100mm stroke84.96 137-1667 30mm ID 62mm OD10.90 121-5880 5/2 Sol/Pneu Spring, 10mm, M5, 3pin49.56 136-7051 G" 0.5-12 bar F/R with On/Off Valve, 40m, 1700l/m123.86916-6796 50mm bore 100mm stroke101.96 137-1671 35mm ID 72mm OD14.34 136-6936 5/2 Sol/Mech Spring, 10mm width 24Vdc63.59 202-3062 G3/8 FR/L 0.5-12 bar, 40m , 3500l/m142.14917-8755 63mm bore 80mm stroke118.28 137-1450 40mm ID 90mm OD28.88 202-1385 5/2 Sol/Sol, 14mm width, G1/879.33 136-7052 G" 0.5-12 bar F/R with On/Off Valve, 40m, 5100l/m162.7220 Tooth Aluminium Timing Belt Pulleys RED POWER 3 Drive Belts Digital Pressure Sensors - SPAN-B Flow Sensors SFAW Extensive range of High Torque Drive V-belts offering 50% more power capacity versus standard PNP / NPN switchableInput connection options(HTD) timing pulleys in pilot borebelts while still being competitively pricedPressure and vacuumWith optional integrated type and taper lock bush typeMaintenance free and electrically conductive with Pressure and vacuum Breaking temperature sensor Material aluminium, flanges steel temperature range -30C to +100CHigh Contrast displayConnection to higher-level systemsHTD, CXP and CXA belts are all Choose from over 60 sizes invia 2 switching outputs, an analogue designed to run on these pulleys stock - visit our website and Compact design output and/or an IO-Link interface For full range visit our website search \'optibelt red power\'Certification: RCM, c UL us Listed (OL) Rotatable display, 90 anticlockwise and 180 clockwise778-4718 6mm width 2mm pitch15.41 178-0759 SPZ 1250mm12.98286-4547 6mm width 2.5mm pitch6.52 178-0760 SPZ 1320mm13.65778-4770 6.4mm width 2mm pitch7.27 178-0692 SPA 1250mm17.45146-5385 9mm width 3mm pitch6.88 178-0696 SPA 1500mm21.21286-5663 10mm width 5mm pitch9.38 178-0703 SPA 1800mm24.76 126-0229 -1 to +1bar, 1/889.39182-666 14.3mm width 5mm itch8.30 178-0705 SPA 2000mm27.88 175-2231 -1 to +1bar, IO-Link100.09 175-2241 1.8 to 32 l/m, G, IO-Link391.30146-5404 15mm width 3mm pitch7.14 178-0708 SPA 2240mm30.84 175-2239 -1 to + 1bar, 4mm push in86.82 175-2242 5 to 100 l/m, G, IO-Link403.52745-696 16mm width 5mm pitch9.44 178-0762 SPZ 2360mm23.79 175-2237 -1 to +1bar, 1/889.39 175-2243 5 to 100 l/m, G1, IO-Link403.52Back Entry Pressure Gauges Polyurethane Pneumatic Tubing Guided Drive - DFM Round Line Cylinder DSNU - PPS Suitable for all gaseous and Flexible silicone free polyurethane tubing ideal for in Drive and guide unit in Very durable cylinder based on ISO 6432 with self-adjusting liquid media that will notpanel routing of air circuits supplied in 30m reels a single housing end-position cushioning and extensive accessoriesobstruct the pressure system Can be used for both pneumatic control and High resistance to torques Wide range of variants for customised applicationsor attack copper alloy parts chemical transfer lines from -50 to +55C and lateral forcesGood running performance and long service life Can be used within small Full range from 4 to 12mm OD available onlinePlain or recirculating Self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning which capacity compressors, medicalball bearing guide adapts optimally to changes in load and speedengineering, heating and air Wide variety of mounting For position sensingconditioning applications and attachment options Dual scale - bar and psiWide range of variants for50mm diameter customised applications917-2369 6mm black40.94 121-5383 DFM-16-20-P-A-GF 16mm x 20mm191.68 121-4735 DSNU-16-50-PPS-A 16mm bore, 50mm stroke49.26822-4018 4 bar20.65 917-2387 6mm blue40.94 121-5382 DFM-16-10-P-A-KF 16mm x 10mm244.00 121-4650 DSNU-25-100-PPS-A 25mm bore, 100mm stroke59.17822-4011 6 bar20.65 917-2378 8mm black78.14 121-5412 DFM-25-25-P-A-GF 25mm x 25mm252.46 121-4716 DSNU-16-125-PPS-A 16mm bore, 125mm stroke50.41822-4015 10 bar23.70 917-2381 8mm blue78.14 121-5381 DFM-16-10-P-A-GF 16mm x 10mm187.37 121-4688 DSNU-25-50-PPS-A 25mm bore, 50mm stroke58.02218-0137 16 bar21.16 917-2393 10mm black86.61 121-5367 DFM-12-20-P-A-GF 12mm x 20mm165.48 121-4729 DSNU-16-25-PPS-A 16mm bore, 25mm stroke48.84218-0138 25 bar20.59 917-2371 10mm blue86.61 121-5377 DFM-12-80-P-A-GF 12mm x 80mm186.46 121-4726 DSNU-16-20-PPS-A 16mm bore, 20mm stroke48.77ie.rs-online.com ie s-online.c.coommie.r.rs-online18 19'