b'TEST & MEASUREMENTUNIK Range Calibration Unified Package MIT200 Insulation & Continuity Testers True RMS AC/DC Clamp Meter Drucks UNIK5000 is a high performance, Drucks Calibration Unified Package is Insulation testing to 1000MMeasures current between 0.5Aac/dc and 1000Aac/dcconfigurable solution to pressure measurement a total end-to-end fully self-contained Continuity testing at Large, easy-to-read backlit LCD displayRanges from 70 mbar (1 psi) to 700 bar (10,000 psi) pressure test & calibration system 200mA down to 0.01Additional measurements for resistance,Accuracy to 0.04% Full Scale (FS) Includes Genii Multifunction pressure, Live circuit warning (voltagecapacitance, frequency, diode test, duty cycle and Best Straight Line (BSL) temperature and electrical calibrator display) and test inhibit continuity and features a dual input thermocoupleOperating temperature ranges from For use with interchangeable pressure modulesDigital/Analogue display temperature and non-contact voltage detector55 to +125C (-67 to +257F)Complete asset calibration management CATIII 600VDesigned for heavy duty use in tough environments Over 2 million unique configurations possible for a paperless calibration processChoice of 2 or 3 test voltagesWhen accuracy and reliability aredepending on modelrequired in any environment200-3702 104.55Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter The reliable, repeatable, accurate way to 746-3445 X5072-TB-A1-CA-H1-PA -1 to 1.6 bar G233.00 199-3840 DPI620PC-2barg8,393.83 check bearings and machine health Consistent quality: take accurate, 746-3470 X5072-TB-A1-CA-H1-PA 10.0 bar G233.00 199-3841 DPI620PC-7barg8,393.83 535-3185 MIT220 250V/500V415.00 reliable measurements at746-3477 X5072-TB-A1-CA-H1-PA 16.0 bar G233.00 199-3842 DPI620PC-20barg8,393.83 535-3191 MIT230 250V/500V/1000V490.00both low and high frequency ranges Store results in the cloud and share 746-3499 X5072-TB-A1-CA-H1-PA 250 bar SG283.00 199-3844 DPI620SPC-7barg9,364.57 data with your team remotely746-3650 X5072-TB-A2-CA-H1-PA 100 bar SG353.00 199-3845 DPI620SPC-20barg9,364.57 FLIR C5 Thermal Imaging CameraMinimise measurement variations causedFeaturing a thermal camera, visual inspection camera, and LED flashlight,by device angle or contact pressure the powerful FLIR C5 makes it easy to identify hidden problems using innovative sensor designHandpump RangeQuickly find hidden faults and reduce diagnostic time Drucks high-quality hand pump range is designed to quickly and Pinpoint and communicate potential issues fastereasily generate pressure sources with a simple hand motionWith 3.5 inch integrated touchscreen, 160120 trueFast, efficient and cost-effective solution pressure generationthermal imager and 5-megapixel visual camera Portable, lightweight pressure source for a range of field applications Thermal camera measures -20 to 400C 194-6811 2,763.00 Option for pneumatic and hydraulic pressureBuilt in vernier to offer precise pressure control RS50 Series Digital Thermometers Easy to read LCD display RS51 and RS52 offers min/max readings as well as C or F The RS53II and RS55II further offers a 16,000 reading datalogger, as well as support for J & K Type thermocouples 2x channel input models RS52 and RS55II 528-9696 PV210559.00 also offer differential measurement Single Type K bead thermocouple 529-3544 PV211-P-4019807.00 supplied for each input529-3550 PV212-HP-700-40181,515.00710-9022 PV623-IS4,187.00 201-6980 650.00Fluke 170 Series Multimeters 123-3215 RS51 K Type 1 input73.87123-3216 RS52 K Type 2 inputs90.00Fluke 705 Loop Calibrator 1030 MicroCal Voltage and Current SourceComprehensive functionality from this popular range which offers precision, reliability and ease of use 123-3217 RS53II J or K Type 1 input, datalogger114.98 An integrated solution for calibration, Portable voltage and current calibrator for general purpose signal injectionThe ideal choice for troubleshooting and123-3218 RS55II J or K Type 2 input, datalogger137.00maintenance and repair of milliamp loopsIt is suitable for voltage and current loop signalrepairing electrical and electronic systems 0.02% accuracy simulation as well as thermocouple simulationTrue RMS capability ensures accurate results24V loop supply with mA measureThree voltage ranges give an adjustable output from 10Veven when testing on irregular AC circuits PC15250 Phase Sequence Indicator Simultaneous mA and % of span display to 1V and two current ranges for 10A to 100mAThe Fluke 177 adds backlit display, andSelectable step/ramp outputsAn additional 0 to 8V output can be obtained by using athe Fluke 179 further adds the ability Simple and quick 3 phase continuity and rotation indicatormA sourcing, simulation and measurement precision 1K resistor that is supplied with the unit to take temperature readings ensures 3-phase outlets and machines are wired correctly Retractable GS38 probe shields give a choice between using long, exposed tips for reaching inaccessible contacts, and safer, shorter lengths for increased safety Input voltage range: 50V to 600Vac (Phase to Phase) Conforms to GS38 and BS EN61557-7, CAT IV 600V325-4777 Fluke 705850.00 610-348 1030 RS-232 tester407.55 394-4470 Fluke 175277.00326-4948 With RS Calibration918.00 611-745 With RS Calibration475.55 394-4486 Fluke 177335.00 782-4424 PC15250136.50326-4954 With UKAS Calibration933.00 667-108 With UKAS Calibration502.55 394-4492 Fluke 179395.00 781-8794 With RS Calibration204.50ierrss-online ie.rs-online.comie -onlineccoomm16 17'