b'MACHINE SAFETY SOUNDERS & BEACONSStainless Steel Enclosed E-Stops PILZ PNOZ sigmaFlashguard QBS Beacons LED Flashing Beacons Robust Stainless Steel 316L enclosedConfigurable Safety RelayBeacon with xenon flash tubes are fitted with a 4 x 4W LED provide a working life of more emergency stops perfect for wash-down Safety relay adapted fordiffuser for greater visibility and spread of light than 50,000 hours Meets IP67 internal or harsh environments with 40mm head emergency stop pushbuttons, Low profile design that is waterproofprotection standard (weatherproof) Compliant with EN ISO 13850, IEC 60947- safety gates and light curtains and is supplied with mounting Offers extreme temperature reliability: 5-1 and 60947-5-5 - twist to resetRemovable terminals withgasket and 40cm cable -30C to +50C Padlockable versions can be locked in the \'off\'connection via spring terminalsSupply voltage 12/24Vdc4 flash patterns - static, or triggers position for maintenance tasksDisplay LEDs for relay status,single, double & quadwith expandable option2-year warranty155-939 PNOZ S1, 24VDC, 2NO 1NC124.75 907-5971 Red 45mm high49.66156-083 PNOZ S3, 24VDC, 2NO 1NC152.90 907-5977 Amber 45mm high44.93156-099 PNOZ S2, 24VDC, 3NO 1NC 1SC147.19 907-5999 Red 95mm high54.33826-4390 2NC/NO, M20 Gland Entry112.84 156-106 PNOZ S4, 24VDC, 3NO 1NC 1SC198.39 907-5996 Amber 95mm high54.33826-4394 2NC/NO, " NPT Gland Entry112.84 156-112 PNOZ S4, 48-240V, 3NO 1NC 1SC209.71826-4404 Padlockable, 2NC/NO, M20 Gland Entry119.59 155-822 PNOZ S5, 0-300S, 24VDC, 0-300S289.07 YL40 Yodalight Sounder Beacons Multi-purpose audible and visual signalling device 826-4407 Padlockable, 2NC/NO, " NPT Gland Entry119.59 155-816 PNOZ S7 Expansion Module, 4NO 1NC130.36 309-5972 Amber21.82 suitable for a wide range of industrial applications309-5988 Red21.8232 user selectable tones with a Safety Light Barriers HYGIECAM Interlock Safety Switches max output of 108dB at 1m309-5966 Blue21.82Flame retardant IP65 housing Compact single beam light barriers ideal Kobra HYGIECAM (K-SS) series interlock safety 115Vac also available, visit for handling machinery, large vehicleswitches with hygienic 316 stainless steel body 312-5398 Green21.82 our website for full rangewashers and packaging machinesBody format and mounting points match309-5994 Clear21.38 Choice of 15m or 75m range withpopular plastic bodied interlock switches M12 connector and safe OSSD PNPwhile offering IP67/69K protectionoutputs to performance level PLcActuator must be purchasedKompakt 37 Series Signal Towers Aluminium cased and sealed to IP67separately - various options available Robust unit has a polycarbonate housing that\'s highly - corrosion resistant and wash proof including stainless steel resistant to impacts, while still being lightweight LED bulbs offer bright light intensity and197-4628 Amber 24Vdc106.67have an extremely long lifespan 197-4640 Amber 2303Vac134.54 Supplied pre-assembled for quick and easy installation 197-4632 Blue 24Vdc106.67 For full range visit our website 197-4645 Blue 230Vac134.54197-4633 Clear 24Vdc106.67826-3896 2NC + 1NO safety contacts115.43 197-4646 Clear 230Vac134.54146-5815 SLB240 Sender, 15,000mm range249.88 826-3906 3NC + 1NO safety contacts125.02 197-4630 Green 24Vdc106.67146-5816 SLB240 Receiver, 15,000mm range249.88 826-4053 140111 SS316 Heavy Duty Actuator34.13 197-4642 Green 230Vac134.54146-5818 SLB440 Sender, 75,000mm range404.48 826-4035 140107 Standard Actuator5.46 197-4631 Opal 24Vdc106.67146-5820 SLB440 Receiver, 75,000mm range404.48 826-4050 140110 Flexible Actuator19.56 197-4644 Opal 230Vac134.54197-4629 Red 24Vdc106.67Safety Rated Limit Switches G9SE Dual Channel Safety Relays 197-4641 Red 230Vac134.54 Limit switches with safety rated snap-G9SE Safety relays are design to be action contacts housed in robust glasscompact and simple, yet flexible and849-5374 Red, green88.83fibre reinforced plastic bodies offer PLe/Cat. 4 safety standards 849-5370 Red, amber, green123.35 Sonos 24Vdc Voice Siren M20 threaded gland entry and IP67 sealedDPST output version (201) suitable for Combines standard sounder signals with aUL/CSA/CE certified e-stops, guard switches and opto-sensorssynchronised voice message to reduce confusion is just 17.5mm wide, others are 22.5mm Nexus 110 Sounders and distress during an active alarm Screwless terminals cut install times Nexus sounders have 3 alarm Choice of up to 7 messageswhile eliminating loose connections stages, 64 tones and a volume 106dB tone and 80dB message outputscontrol for greater flexibilityEasily retro-fits to existing installations First-fix, wire to base technologyFlame retardant polycarbonate IP66 rated 5 cable entries UL V0 rated fire retardant red polycarbonate case179-7568 Pin Plunger21.43 890-3389 G9SE-201-DC24 DPST-NO Safety Outputs88.90 907-6340 Red shallow base95.44179-7567 Roller Plunger19.46 890-3382 G9SE-401-DC24 4PST-NO Safety Outputs108.14 539-4697 10-60Vdc111.57 907-6359 White deep base95.44179-7569 Adjustable Roller Lever20.55 890-3386 G9SE-221-T05-DC24 4PST-NO with 5sec off-delay127.27 907-6306 24-48Vac125.88 907-6365 Red with lens shallow base116.63179-7570 Roller Lever21.57 890-3395 G9SE-221-T30-DC24 4PST-NO with 30sec off-delay127.27 539-4726 110/230Vac131.03 907-6356 Red with lens deep base116.63ierrss-online ie.rs-online.comie -onlineccoomm12 13'