b'Robust, cost-effective sensors to increase conveyor productivity Increase product flow and ensure optimum time in automated storage & retrieval systemsIn the world of automation, rapid and efficient production translates into profit while downtime equals lost opportunities. Critical and cost-effective conveyor sensors from Telemecanique Sensors can instantly improve production and reduce downtime.Innovative roller conveyor sensors reduce downtimeThe simple position-and-click installation of the XUY roller conveyor sensor is just the first feature that reduces conveyor downtime. By mounting the sensor between the rollers instead of on the side of the conveyor, you virtually eliminate the risk of sensor damage by items improperly positioned on the conveyor or next to the conveyor.Conveyor sensors increase efficiency and improve safetyConveyor solutions are as vast and varying as the number of products produced on them! When conveyordetectioninvolvesclearsurfaces,shinymetalsurfaces,orsafetyconsiderations, Telemecanique Sensors provides detection solutions that are equally as innovative and reliable. With Telemecanique Sensors, its Simply easy.and safer!p ly EASY.mi S A F E RSAnd'