b'SAFETY DOOR AND INTERLOCK SWITCHESXCSE Solenoid Interlock Switches NA Telemecanique Sensors XCSA SafetyNAInterlock SwitchesKey operated lock to allow authorised3 positive opening contacts as override of solenoid (key supplied) standard (on guard opening)2 LED indicators (orange/guard open, green/ A key operated lock enables guard closed, key in locked position) positive locking of the guardHeavy duty metal compact style to IP67 Optional version with orange LED to indicate guard open/closed397-2166 3NC, Key, Zamak XCSA801263-3725 2NO/1NC, Power to Unlock XCSE5312 397-2150 2NC/1NO, Key, Zamak XCSA701AZ Series Standard Safety InterlockNA GKN Safety Interlock Switch NASwitchesIndividual coding available on request Large wiring cavity and 3 cable entriesHigh level of contact reliability withNo additional earthing requirementslow voltages and currents Head offers 4 actuation entriesNot sensitive to dirty conditions by virtue of patented roller system623-2988 1NC/1NO, Key, Fibreglass AZ16ZVRK-M20623-3054 2NC/1NO, Key, Fibreglass AZ16-12ZVRK-M20 015-3141 2NC/1NO, Key, Fibreglass GKNC21D4NS Safety-Rated Interlock Switch NA HS5D Safety-Rated Interlock Switch NAConnector size is M20 (1-conduit) Detects detachment of head Standardised gold-clad contactsfor enhanced safetyfor high contact reliability Compact dimensions with Applicable to both standardup to three contactsloads and micro loads The head orientation can be rotated, allowing 8 different actuator entries746-7292 1NC/1NO, Key, Plastic D4NS-4AF 780-5489 2NC, Key, Plastic HS5D-02RNMau.rs-online.com8'